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Various Artists - Visions Of Metal (-/10) - V/A - 2002

Genre: Various
Label: Noisegate
Playing time: 69:49
Band homepage: -


  1. Into The Void - My Legacy
  2. Mortal Passion - No More Move
  3. Projekt K8 - Night Of Fire
  4. Lunar Eclipse - Hotel Massacre
  5. Shatter - Devil's Night
  6. Thoughts Of A Mortal - Broken Silence
  7. Scenes - So (Father)
  8. Dead Men Walking - Kingdom
  9. Deception - 2000 Lies
  10. No Pride - Uproot Tree
  11. Dawn Patrol - Point Of No Return
  12. Secret In Sanity - Why
  13. Schwarz Heiliger Teufel - Komplizierte Ziele
  14. The Snyds - Go Down
  15. Seven Strikes Back - Pain In My Heart
Various Artists - Visions Of Metal

Underground-samplers seem to come back, because what the folks of Noisegate have released here is pretty respectable. 14 bands from Germany and one from Austria present themselves on the first "Visions Of Metal" and most of them do really good as well.

As usual we get a quite wide spectrum of different styles and also different quality, where I have to say that the density of really interesting bands is quite a bit bigger than on many comparable compilations. From Gothic Metal over Death and Black Metal to very modern sounds and also Power and Progressive Metal.

If you compare it to the colleague "internet@metal - The First IM.PACT", it becomes pretty obvious that the folks here altogether have the better vocals, there are more good performances, no doubt. But with such a wide spectrum it is pretty difficult to meet the taste of the reviewer with everything, therefore I just mention those bands that I really liked and there are surprisingly many of that sort.

Right at the beginning INTO THE VOID are very convincing already, melodic Metal, with keyboards (more in the background), alternating deathy and clean vocals, where is the contract? Right next MORTAL PASSION with melodic (but not Gothenburg-ish) Death Metal and some clean voice as well, also PROJECT K8 with its LACRIMOSA-with-some-Death-growls-sound are good. Then there is the very good Progressive Metal of SCENES and also SECRET IN SANITY with their mix of more traditional Metal and some Gothic-influences, just like THE SYNDS, which bring us straightforward, energetic Rock, the vocals have some room for improvement, but still.

The rest either isn't really my cup of tea or cannot compete with the other acts quality-wise, but that, of course, very much is a question of the personal taste. Fortunately there are no real fall-outs, the sound also is quite good with (almost) all acts.

So an equally enjoyable as supportable thing, with which you'll get quite a few interesting acts from the German-speaking underground.

Alexander Melzer

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