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Where Angels Fall - Dies Irae (6/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Edgerunner Records
Playing time: 21:03
Band homepage: Where Angels Fall


  1. Dies Irae >mp3
  2. Hollow >mp3
  3. Lose Yourself In Me
  4. Requiem >mp3
Where Angels Fall - Dies Irae

Norway has spit out a new band, with the a bit mystic name WHERE ANGELS FALL. Some might almost automatically guess Black Metal now, with the angels tumbling from the heavens, but the quintet around the Bendigtsen brother/sister combo has chosen a completely different direction, some sort of Gothic Metal, with the guitars rather subdued, rather emphasizing atmosphere and almost soundtrack like choirs, combined with Eirin Bendigtsen’s quite soft voice.


The band, only founded in 2003, now offers its debut EP with “Dies Irae”, not self-produced, though, but via Edgerunner Records and the opening title track indeed does sound very interesting, with a lot of soft atmospheres, into which the a bit toothless guitars blend right in, still a very accessible and good song. It continues with “Hollow” and continues, where the opener had left off, maybe even a bit slower, but apart from that standing pretty close to the first one.


And as I suddenly find myself at the end of song three, the main problem of the disc becomes evident, the uniformity of the songs. Without a doubt they are well written and the production gives the almost sacral atmosphere the right surroundings, but the compositions sound extremely alike, which together with the pretty tame guitar takes the songs down a notch or two.


For sure not a bad starting point for WHERE ANGELS FALL, but I strongly hope that on their potential full-length debut they will manage to bring in a bit more variety, because otherwise it could get a bit boring… (Online June 13, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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