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Throne Of Molok - Nova Diabolica Res (7,5/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Mass Destruction Records
Playing time: 11:27
Band homepage: Throne Of Molok


  1. Clonation Fields
  2. Cybergoat Dominion
  3. Nuclear Christ
  4. Undead
  5. Drunk Mercenary
  6. Into The Mouth Of Melech (Outro)
Throne Of Molok - Nova Diabolica Res

What would you do if the world was to end in just over ten minute’s time? Down a bottle of Whiskey or nick a fast car and drive around like a maniac or go get a gun or have three shags? All worthy ways of meeting The End indeed. You may as well slap on “Nova Diabolica Res” as a final accompaniment to your demise. Let’s go out with a bang (or three.)


They say they are Extreme Metalcore, I would say THRONE OF MOLOK are a hybrid of Death Metal and Grindcore. Whatever, they certainly provide plenty of work for dentists. In the eleven minutes of this CD they pack in an abundance of crunch and crust for your delectation which certainly whets the appetite for an album proper.


The band makes use of a high technology theme for their music and the subtle use of electronics on parts of this debut reinforces that idea. On “Clonation Fields” for example there is a ruck of RSJ’s discernible in the background. For all that though this is belts and braces, hard nosed, no nonsense Metal. Get your boots on because these tracks merrily stomp all over the shop and toes will get crushed.


“Nuclear Christ” is gut kicking Grind that will have you punching the air with your mate’s fist, (told you to let go.) The other tracks conform to the hybrid and are possessed of a solid groove, with some neat shout-a-longs here and there. “Cybergoat Dominion” bounces along like some 350 kilo recluse thrown down a mountain side. It’s heavy and bones may break.


Despite the sometimes obvious use of a drum machine, it actually suits MOLOK’S motif and they avoid excessive use of super fast double bass, in fact for the most part the drums menace with some solid punching. Guitars have a metallic edge to them, though on “Drunk Mercenary” they demonstrate a more typical Death Metal bite. The bass jabs away like being struck in the kidneys with a nightstick. Vocals are growled and gruff but nonetheless varied within those constraints. THRONE OF MOLOK are standing at the door, arms crossed, legs apart with their best “You ain’t coming in here” expressions on show.


Complaint time. As I often bang on about, the CD finishes on an outro. The band gets away with it because it fits in with their vision, it’s just that when you only have eleven minutes to play with you may be better served finishing on a “proper” song. Whinging apart, this is a debut that certainly stores interest for what may follow, these songs are catchy and Strontium strong. Breaking through a wall near you now. (Online June 15, 2005)

Niall MacCartney

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