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Isole - Forevermore (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: I Hate Records
Playing time: 58:14
Band homepage: Isole


  1. The Watcher
  2. Deceiver
  3. Age Of Darkness >mp3
  4. Forevermore
  5. Premonitions
  6. Beyond The Black
  7. Moonstone
Isole - Forevermore

Do you feel the same and also wait anxiously for the new SOLITUDE AETERNUS album and you’re the same annoyed as it’s delayed that much? But I have a tip for you to shorten the time. Basically, it’s a tip for every fan of Epic Doom… The Swedish ISOLE have released their debut album and it’s totally astonishing. They have that mixture of heavy power parts and fluffy, melancholic moments, which I only knew from aforementioned SOLITUDE AETERNUS…


ISOLE have no Robert Lowe on vocals but vocalist/drummer Daniel Bryntse (ex-FORLORN, WINDWALKER) delivers also a very emotional performance. They also use fierce growls and polyphonic sacral singing… The fact, that the predecessor band FORLORN existed for ten years and recorded lots of demos/promos, makes clear, that this is an experienced band… Their songs are well-thought out, majestic and have always an epic playing time…


This is a must-have for everybody, who also bought the recent records of WORLD BELOW, CANDLEMASS, THUNDERSTORM and DOOMSHINE!!! (Online June 15, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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