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Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today (7/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Bastardized Records
Playing time: 37:59
Band homepage: Glass Casket


  1. Pencil Lead Syringe
  2. And So It Was Said
  3. Fisted And Forgotten
  4. Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
  5. Cellar Door
  6. Chew Your Fingers
  7. Scarlet Paint And Gasoline
  8. In Between The Sheets >mp3
  9. A Gray A.M. You Will Never Get To See
Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today

GLASS CASKET are a heavy slab! It’s dangerous to describe them as Metalcore, but I still dare to, as they band plays a mix from Hardcore, Grindcore and Death Metal with a big technical list. So definitely not comparable to relatively melodic Metalcore acts such as KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, but still it somehow fits.


Who would like to listen to these Americans will need strong nerves and a lot of concentration. The opener “Pencil Lead Syringe“ alone has so many breaks and timing changes that you could lose any sense of direction very soon. Here the band speeds along at neckbreaking tempo, then it ploughs through complex, sluggish noise structures. Besides the angry Grind and Hardcore salvos that we can find in every single track, the band also offers some Death Metal elements, as on “Fearfully And Wonderfully Made“. Thankfully GLASS CASKET do not make the mistake of firing on all cylinders all the way through the album. Song number eight (“In Between The Sheets“) is relatively melodic and almost catchy, as it also features some clean vocals and acoustic guitars, almost seems to be a quota song for the label, but then again, it doesn’t really have radio potential either.


In any way it is a welcome breather for the stressed listener, but after several listens I have to admit that the album has its own appeal. But the tons of breaks and tempo changes have a very high potential for unnerving the listener. GLASS CASKET might not fully be my cup of tea, but I still think that friends of progressive Death Metal und more demanding Grindcore-Bands should also get along with the Americans. The sound is good and apart from the lack of accessibility in some songs I can’t really complain about much. Very original, but maybe not to everybody’s palate. Best thing will be to listen for yourself.


Check out tips: “Fearfully And Wonderfully Made”, “In Between The Sheets”... (Online June 20, 2005)

Patrick Weiler

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