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Trail Of Tears - Free Fall Into Fear (8/10) - Norway - 2005

Genre: Gothic Metal / Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 45:02
Band homepage: Trail Of Tears


  1. Joyless Trance Of Winter >mp3
  2. Carrier Of The Scars Of Life
  3. Frail Expectations
  4. Cold Hand Of Retribution
  5. Watch Your Fall
  6. The Architect Of My Downfall
  7. Drink Away The Demons
  8. Point Zero
  9. Dry Well Of Life
  10. The Face Of Jealousy
Trail Of Tears - Free Fall Into Fear

It’s a strong piece that Norwegian TRAIL OF TEARS offer us with their by now fourth album. It’s almost impossible to categorize the guys from the high North and the loss of singer Cathrine Paulsen doesn’t really do much, but gives TRAIL OF TEARS more heaviness and power. The impressive interaction between the two singers Ronny Thorsen and Kjetil Nordhus is incomparable and easily lets us forget the “lost” chants of Cathrine.


The changes between grim Black Metal shrieking, gruff Death Metal growls and crystal clear, yet at the same time traditional Metal vocals are grandiose and lead to tons of variety. In combination with the equally multifaceted instrumentation “Free Fall Into Fear“ is almost unbeatable and more than recommendable, as the new disc of the seven-headed band shows next to no wear even after multiple spins and will guarantee long-term entertainment. Brutal blastbeats are replaced by wonderful orchestral choirs, which only seconds later lead into Power Metal-like outbursts, just to be bulldozed over by harsh Black Metal. TRAIL OF TEARS do their best to plough through all kinds of Metal genres and manage to form a devastating whole out of these parts, which for one has the pure unadulterated brutality, but then also contains the necessary breathers, balancing very well. This has the advantage that fans from many different camps will find their way into this band.


No matter which track you pick, “Free Fall Into Fear“ will never bore you with mediocrity and songs such as “Carrier Of The Scars Of Life“, “Watch Your Fall“ or “Drink Away The Demons“ (to name only a few) are among the most essential this scene has to offer at the moment. Together with an incredibly powerful production all ten tracks hit the mark, which is very important given the width of the sound and most probably has been a focal factor in the band’s song writing. TRAIL OF TEARS did their homework and created a masterpiece in terms of variety. Compliments! (Online June 22, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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