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13 tablatures for Barathrum

Barathrum - Anno Aspera 2003 Years After The Bastard’s Birth (6,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 37:22
Band homepage: Barathrum


  1. Antikristus Neutronstar
  2. Corpse Desecration
  3. Into Maze Of Nightmares
  4. Angelraper
  5. G.I.D.
  6. Sealed By Blood
  7. Mother Of Christ
  8. Crucifix Masturbation
  9. Nailday
  10. Anno Aspera
Barathrum - Anno Aspera 2003 Years After The Bastard’s Birth

BARATHRUM claim, that they are part of the second wave of Black Metal and they are existing already since beginning of the 90s. “Anno Aspera…” is the already eighth album of the Finns. The band hasn’t developed at all and they still play a mixture of rough Black and Death Metal in a more slower respectively sluggish way, garnished with some Thrash riffs. It’s comparable with bands like HELLHAMMER, early DARKTHRONE or early SODOM. The band manages it to stand out of the other Scandinavian Black Metal bands as they use at least two bass guitars and they don’t sound that cold and frosty like their colleagues from Norway. They let it more rumble.


Basically, the music found on “Anno Aspera…” isn’t that bad. The songs are primitive but contain a certain flair as HELLHAMMERs songs also had. The rather faster songs “Corpse Desecration” and “Angelraper” have a lot of punch and more sluggish songs like groovy “G.I.D.” or the titletrack “Anno Aspera” are also quite enjoyable. But the totally crazy intro „Antikristus Neutronstar“ could have been avoided (I just say „vomiting demons”) and also some other tracks are rather weak. That strangely distorted screaming of Demonos Sova annoys a bit after some time and cheesy song titles like „Nailday“ or „Crucifix Masturbation“ don’t need any further commenting. The sound is okay concerning a “true” Black Metal band and the added bass tracks are quite helpful.


BARATHRUM aren’t a band for fans of keyboards or other sound games and they aren’t a band for fans of the more modern Black Metal sounds. Fans of simple Black/Death Metal should check them out. This band doesn’t reinvent the wheel but they stand out a bit of the other Nordic Black Metal bands. But no strict recommendation.


Check-out tips: “Corpse Desecration“, “G.I.D.“, “Anno Aspera“. (Online June 23, 2005)

Patrick Weiler

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