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Damien Thorne - Wrath Of Darkness (7/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Criminal
Playing time: 54:36
Band homepage: Damien Thorne


  1. Nostradamus
  2. Mistress Of Evil
  3. Rage Of Angels
  4. Faith In Death
  5. Legions Past
  6. Portrait Of Strange
  7. Sentenced To Die
  8. Wrath Of Darkness
  9. The Other
  10. Stranger Amongst The Living
  11. Former Life
Damien Thorne - Wrath Of Darkness

DAMIEN THORNE got famous in 1986 with “Sign Of The Jackal”, an album, which wasn’t more than good average that time. The band from Chicago could never keep up with bands like OMEN, HEIR APPARENT, SAVAGE GRACE, LIEGE LORD etc.


This “Wrath Of Darkness” titled album was planned to be released in 1997 as follow-up to their debut. Well, it sounds now a bit out of date, especially concerning the sound. Their music is typical 80s US-Metal with an obscure direction and it’s not bad, regarding that most Metal of today isn’t nothing else than Pop crap. I’m sure that the vocals will disturb at least 85% of today’s Metal fans. Normally, I love that siren singing but his singing is even a bit annoying to me.


Fans of bands like HALLOWEEN, SKULLVIEW or DEADLY BLESSING and with no problems with a thin demo sound should check this band out. But DAMIEN THORNE can never keep up with aforementioned bands. (Online June 24, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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