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Carnal Forge - Still not dead (Jari Kuusisto) - Online Jun. 2005

Raise your cups and get ready to Thrash until you crash! CARNAL FORGE is a productive and mean Thrash Metal engine spitting out an album a year, they sure strike while the iron is hot. This is my first try but “Aren’t You Dead Yet” is in fact the band’s fifth album (man, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do), guitarist Jari Kuusisto was kind enough to educate me on some of the things inside C.F.


Hello Jari! How’s it going?


Everything is just fine.


You recently put out a new album, how are the reviews looking so far?


So far so good. Almost everyone seems to think that this is our best album so far.


This is my first meeting with your band but “Aren’t You Dead Yet?” is your fifth album already. How would you say the evolution of the band has been from the debut up to now?


C.F. is always evolving and that is one of the things that makes it so fun playing in C.F. As the years go by I think that we become a lot better in doing songs. Now days we also use a lot of leads and that is something new for C.F.


You seem to be banging out albums almost every year, I guess you must be motivated 24/7 to work at that kind of speed or what?


To do new albums in C.F. is pretty easy because we are 5 songwriters. If everyone does about 4 songs in a six-month period we have 20 new songs, and that’s why we can put out a new album once a year.


The love for Thrash and Death Metal is mutual within the band as the album is a great mixture of both, but there are also some passages that are slower.


We get inspired from all kinds of Metal styles even Hardcore. I think that RAISED FIST is a really cool band and they are Hardcore.


I’ve noticed that your album titles pretty much deal with either death or some kind of torture hehe. “Please Die...”, “Aren’t You Dead Yet?”, is there someone you’d like to get rid of?


Stupid people :) It’s really a matter of having cool titles.


Do you have a favourite “A.Y.D.Y.” song, one that is sure to shred in your live shows?


I like “Sacred Flame” a lot. That song has it all in my opinion.


There’s always the question about originality. Do you consider yourselves as a band that brings new ideas to the table?


Yes. I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought I didn’t have anything new to add to the music.


What do you think about the current Thrash Metal scene, is it still alive and well or has it decreased in quality of late?


I think that the quality is really high for most of the bands out there. Without quality you don’t get long, the fans aren’t stupid and they know the difference between quality and just sell out.


And what about this Metalcore thing that just exploded? Any thoughts on bands like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, ALL THAT REMAINS and LAMB OF GOD?


I don’t judge other bands. If they enjoy what they do I don’t see any problem with that. I have heard some songs with some of the bands you mentioned, and some of it is pretty cool.


Right! Now, you also have a DVD out on. Care to tell us a bit about that one?


The DVD contains 20 live songs shot in Krakow Poland + a live show from USA and one from Japan. There’s also interviews + a lot more on that DVD. The reactions so far are that it is a really cool DVD.


Some of the members in C.F. had a band called IN THY DREAMS a few years back, what’s the status of that band?


That band is on hold. Maybe we will do something in the future but for now we focus on C.F.


All of your albums have been released by Century Media, excluding “Who’s Gonna Burn”. How far are you into the contract you signed?


The first contract has already expired. We signed a new deal for this album + one more with C.M. After that we will see what will happen.


I was planning to attend your show at Sweden Rock this summer but for some odd reason missed out, how did that work out for you?


Very good besides that the storm of the century (Editor’s note: Ahh, now I remember) just had to hit right on our set. Surprisingly people stayed for the whole set getting all wet and cold. So I guess that we did a good impression.


You were scheduled to do a tour with MISERY INDEX but unfortunately it didn’t happen. What were the reasons for the cancellation?


Someone had forgotten to book transportation and stuff like that. It’s hard to tour without transportation if you see what I mean.


Well, hopefully you’ll get the chance later this year and you have some more festival appearances due later this summer right?


As it looks right now we will tour Europe in September. When we know more everything is going to be posted on our site.


Ok! So what else is scheduled for CARNAL FORGE in 2004, I bet there’ll be another album ready for release next year hehe?


Of course :) For now we will try to tour as much as possible, then write material for album nr. 6.


Ok, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words to the C.F. crowd?


Stay brutal you maniacs!!!



1998: Who’s Gonna Burn (CD, WAR Music)
2000: Firedemon (CD, Century Media)
2001: Please…Die! (CD, Century Media)
2003: Deathblow (Single, Century Media)
2003: The More You Suffer (CD, Century Media)
2004: Aren’t You Dead Yet (CD, Century Media)
2004: Destroy Live (DVD, Century Media)

Frodi Stenberg

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