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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - LEMURIA - Tales, Ale & Fire

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Lemuria - Tales, Ale & Fire (8,5/10) - Belgium - 2005

Genre: Folk / Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 40:08
Band homepage: Lemuria


  1. Gerstenat (With Brim-Filled Pints)
  2. Mournful Beauty
  3. A Day Of Reckoning >mp3
  4. Lovon
  5. Thor’s Hammer >mp3
  6. Verdoemenis
  7. As I Die >mp3
  8. Gerstenat (The Last Sip)
  9. Epilogue
Lemuria - Tales, Ale & Fire

Six long-haired Belgians have set out to set the Metal-scene’s arse on fire again. Out of nowhere LEMURIA from Flanders have invaded my CD player with “Tales, Ale & Fire“ and even though several bands come to mind right away, the band enchants the listener with the first sounds of the intro “Gerstenat (With Brim-Filled Pints)“ already. Founded in 1999 as pretty primitive Death Metal band called SPINAL CHILL, they renamed themselves into LEMURIA after a few line-up and one style change and this album shows what a good decision this was!


When I had written that some bands had come to mind, it’s been names such as THYRFING or also FINNTROLL, so the style is pretty clear: Black Metal with a quite strong Folk touch and some Heavy Metal influences. And the Belgians also put forth some real effort to give the listener something special, starting with the logo and cover that none other than Kris Verwimp took care of, and continues in the concept that is nicely elaborated in the booklet, this band does not just throw out a cheap thing, but gives you value for money!


After the already mentioned intro “Gerstenat (With Brim-Filled Pints)“, which btw is a full-fledged instrumental including a narration by WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT’s Luciver, the guys belt out best traditional Metal riffs on “Mournful Beauty”, together with some keyboards and Niklaas’ mostly grim voice, plus accentuating clear vocals, apparently also courtesy of Luciver.


“A Day Of Reckoning“ starts out with the Flemish version of FINNTROLL’s Folk elements and altogether has some reduced heaviness, but for that a higher Folk contingent, compared to the opener. “Thor’s Hammer“ then shows where the hammer falls, because the double-bass push ahead, while the guitars, too, are quite a bit more aggressive. “Verdoemenis“ goes completely Flemish on us, meaning that I don’t understand a word, but doesn’t matter. “Gerstenat (The Last Sip)“ was my first contact as mp3 and is best Folk Metal with Black Metal vocals, great melodies, tons of energy, strong song!


The music is good, the concept is interesting, the visual side of the CD is more than remarkable, same goes for the production, even though some bands come to mind, the sextet still has its own touch and would have deserved a deal more than many bands that already have several discs out there… (Online June 25, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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