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Year Of Our Lord, The - s/t (7,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 58:02
Band homepage: -


  1. Dead To You
  2. Hollowing Of A Quiet Man
  3. Horror Hotel
  4. Fire Skates The Water
  5. Wombdisease
  6. The Hunt
  7. The Gones Of Astria
  8. Rust And Ashes
  9. Song Of Oleg
  10. Serpentine Medea
  11. Nightlark >mp3
  12. Eventide
  13. Kismet (Daughter Of Nevir)
Year Of Our Lord, The - s/t
Oha, have the Americans city-napped Göteborg and transplanted into New England or has Sweden been annexed or what? Did I miss anything here? The self-titled debut of the Yanks of THE YEAR OF OUR LORD make these kinds of thoughts go through my mind, because what we get here is pure Melodic Death of the Gothenburg-school, although they try here and there to differ at least a bit.

I admit that I had pushed the CD for a while, because their label Lifeforce rather is known for their Hardcore-influenced songs and the CD had arrived here together with the Swiss Hardcore-outfir CATARACT. If, for a reason I do not know anymore, I had not by chance put it into my player it would have made its way to the USA...

But anyway, THE YEAR OF OUR LORD (rather sounds like Doom, Stoner Rock or Sludge) play very melodic Death Metal with rather measured vocals, very melodic guitars, just about what we had been freshly delivered from Gothenburg a few years back. Now the question arises: Who needs this? The answer: I do not know.

TYOOL don't bring us anything really new, even though songs like "Fire Skates The Water" or "The Gones Of Astria" break out of the usual scheme by using more groove or some clean vocals. Still the whole thing appeals to me, the guys (and girl) around the brothers Heigelmann have a hand for good, damn catchy melodies and good songs, as the strong guitar-melody of the opener "Dead To You" or also "Wombdisease" clearly show.

Without a doubt THE YEAR OF OUR LORD come late, by a few years in fact, but like I said, something really appeals to me and it is just fun listening to it. Genre-fans should listen into this one, either you think "Hell, nobody needs this stuff, I've heard that a thousand times already"...or maybe you just like it as much as I do...

Alexander Melzer

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