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Tad Morose - Sender Of Thoughts (8/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 64:42
Band homepage: Tad Morose


  1. Fading Pictures
  2. Sender Of Thoughts
  3. Morning Sun
  4. Lost In Time
  5. Different Eyes
  6. Time Of Silence
  7. Forever Gone
  8. Circle Of Souls
  9. Here After
  10. Gates Of Babylon
  11. Netherworld
Tad Morose - Sender Of Thoughts

Most people won’t argue against the fact that TAD MOROSE is one of the most underrated bands in the Metal scene. They’ve got a good following nowadays and reviewers voicing negative opinions on their latest albums are a rarity in itself but you don’t see them headlining or dragging their asses out on the road for months, could be that they simply hate touring or that booking agencies are blocking the demands from fans. Either way TAD MOROSE have never received the exposure they so rightfully deserve.


“Sender Of Thoughts” was released through Black Mark in 95 ten years ago and this being their second album only, it shows so much potential and vivid compositional talent that their rise to greatness was imminent… and only so many took notice of them. Seriously, it’s sad how the public ignored this album, the song writing is somewhat complex in terms of atmosphere but the music is not hard to digest, every song on this album is worth bragging about. Back then Kristian Andren, who has given his voice to many projects and bands through the years, was at the mic commanding passion and solitude to the song’s Gothic and semi Prog like atmosphere. Whereas the band is more ballsy and metallic today with Urban Breed at the helm, Kristian’s voice fitted nicely into the band’s early visions.


“Sender Of Thoughts” is probably the most atmospheric record in the band’s discography, the guitars and keyboards share the load of work providing the contrasts which in the end makes the album very balanced. The songs all have a distinctive spell that captures a strong melancholic atmosphere, not suicidal but saddened. The verses of “Different Eyes” reflect emotive shades but soon near a heavy and sweeping chorus followed by a delicate solo and dark keyboard layers, so full of contrasts. Faster tracks like “Fading Pictures” and “Circle Of Souls” mix Power Metal heaviness with the trademark Doom/Goth (call it whatever you want) foundations sounding like Power Doom Metal… and they got away with it.


The material is jam packed with both heavy and enchanting qualities but the sound is what holds this album back from getting the big score. I’m sure it was regarded as a powerful sound at the time, it’s a good and clear sound, kinda appropriate for these songs but I would very much like to get more oomph in there and crank up the volume, the more I hear some of the cheap keyboard parts the more I realise the sound’s nothing but a shadow of the songs themselves really.


I daresay this band had some originality in the bag, they certainly didn’t sound like your average Metal band back in the day, highly recommended for people interested in discovering Metal with textures from various genres. (Online June 25, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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