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Million - Kingsize (8/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Majestic Rock
Playing time: 50:48
Band homepage: Million


  1. Eyes Of A King
  2. Backdoor Queen
  3. Room No. 3
  4. Rock’n’Roll Nation
  5. On And On
  6. Forbidden Fruit
  7. Zombies
  8. Fight You Forever
  9. Killing The Messenger
  10. Prison Of Power
  11. Those Eyes
Million - Kingsize

After the quite fittingly titled EP “2004” as appetizer for the new, fifth album, we now have the review of exactly that one: “Kingsize“, so they aim pretty high. In their 15th year of existence the Swedes now try to re-establish themselves in the scene via Majestic Rock, something that looking at the quality at hand is surprising that it has not happened yet to begin with and at the other hand should happen with ease, as the guys’ years of experience come through everywhere, in song writing as well as production. As I have covered the past of the guys in the reviews and interviews so far already, I would say that I declare the review for officially opened.


After an epic intro “Eyes Of A King“ sets out with powerful double-bass and equally crunchy guitars, I’m not used to that anymore by the Swedes and after that they hardly let off, “Backdoor Queen“ is not as heavy, but still with a fat organ backing up the sound it has a lot of power under the arse, which should satisfy any fan of high quality Melodic Metal. No, they don’t set new standards in terms of originality, but I don’t really ask for that either, if they have so much energy, dynamics, maturity and joy, I honestly do not care about the originality.


We already know “On And On“ off the “2004“ EP, up-tempo, powerful, but always staying super catchy, after which we get the only ballad of the album, “Forbidden Fruit“, only consisting of Ulrich Carlsson’s vocals, violin and piano, very nice and emotional. “Fight You Forever“ also already had been on the EP and combined with the sample of a Hitler speech I can only outline the validity of the song title once more! “Those Eyes“ closes things off on an up-beat note again, showing quite some dynamics again.


It’s good to hear that M.ILL.ION also after all these years still have a lot of energy and let it out through very good songs, let’s hope that the guys for once have luck with their label and finally can reap the fruit of their long and hard work, they definitely deserve it! (Online June 28, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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