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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - NIGHT CONQUERS DAY - Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival

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Night Conquers Day - Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival (9/10) - USA - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 73:00
Band homepage: Night Conquers Day


  1. The Triumphant Night Conquers The Dying Day (Introitus II)
  2. Mirror Gazing
  3. The Perseverance Of Ignorance >mp3
  4. Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival
  5. Drawn Together In Magnetic Violent Trances >mp3
  6. Dream Sleep Sorcery
  7. The Consequence Of Action
Night Conquers Day - Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival

I can’t even imagine the long and weird path that this album had to take to find its way to my hand. Scrapping in a used CDs store I found myself face to face against this stuff that seemed to be familiar, cause I already had a song by this band from a compilation disc and liked it a lot. That was all I knew about NIGHT CONQUERS DAY, but after giving a look to the art and some general information, I decided that it just had to be mine. Black Metal is an overcrowded genre and experience had taught me not to trust in anything unknown coming from the deepest underground, because of the suffocating risk of buying one more DARKTHRONE tribute band, but sometimes intuition helps to find that jewel buried beneath the mare magnum of unworthy releases and after blowing the dust away there’s always present the option of getting a great surprise.


This is exactly the case with “Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival”, the second (and last as the band is no more) epic piece of art by US based group NIGHT CONQUERS DAY. The album is really interesting starting from its cover art, extraordinary and majestic, rather kitsch if you want (a knight fighting in the sky with a dragon, while a naked blonde observes embraced to a lion, everything in front of a great landscape of woods), but it gives you a general idea of what you can expect from the music. No, don’t be scared, it is not MANOWAR made Black Metal or something similar, but an atmospheric and epic release, with every song raising over the 10 minutes of length and with a really cold and electrifying ambient.


In general, the construction of the songs is really simple; subtle, slow riffs, keyboards carrying most of the atmosphere over its shoulders and dry drums, beating low with monotony but personality. The richest elements are surely by side of Mikael Bayusik’s vocals (who also is the creative mind), that move widely from outstanding growls to whispers and clean screams. Long instrumental parts touch you like thorns of ice and the feeling of being in the core of a god forsaken forest will be always present.


There are not clear highlights in this album, though the title track is the most complex by concept of songwriting. In general, every song follows the same idea, inspired by nature and the power of mind. Is really hard to say “if you like that band you should love this” cause NIGHT CONQUERS DAY manages to play a really unique style, though the closest references would be BURZUM (and specially the album “Hvis Lysset Tar Oss”) and BLODSRIT, because of the common emphasis in touching your deepest feelings with doomy, slow melodies rather than with fury or evilness, like other Black Metal bands do.


Highly recommended! (Online June 28, 2005)

Daniel Barros

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