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Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames (9,5/10) - Canada - 2002

Genre: Metal
Label: Virusworx
Playing time: 50:18
Band homepage: Zimmers Hole


  1. The Hole Is The Law
  2. Death To The Dodgers Of Soap
  3. Re-Anaconda
  4. Legion Of Flames
  5. Well Of Misfortune
  6. Aerometh
  7. Evil Robots
  8. Gender Of The Beast
  9. Rock Move 47
  10. 1000 Miles Of Cock
  11. Sodomanaz
  12. That's How Drunks Drink
  13. Doggy Style
  14. This Flight Tonight
  15. White Trash Momma
  16. Gaysong
  17. Mushroom Mattress
  18. Satan Is A Gay Porno Star
  19. Platinum Shine
  20. The Death Of The Resurrection Of The Death Of Metal
Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames
Holy s**t! OK, imagine this: You get one single CD with influences of: MANOWAR, KING DIAMOND, FEAR FACTORY, METALLICA, NAZARETH, CRADLE OF FILTH. Or in styles: Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal, Melodic Metal, Grindcore... Plus ingenious lyrics, real parodies, but with everything still damn heavy.

You really cannot imagine this? OK, here is the ideal solution, because after that you will not only be able to imagine it, but you'll even have it in your player. What is the solution? ZIMMERS HOLE the band, "Legion Of Flames" the album.

What the four guys from Vancouver present us with here is brilliant to the extreme. In the intro they sound like epic MANOWAR in the guitars, just to hit you with a punch in the face with hefty, double-bass-driven Metal. Overall ZIMMERS HOLE prove to be musical chameleons, with the standpoint that if they like a riff or a melody they can just as well use them in their songs. And that is just what they do, to brilliant effect.

On "Re-Anaconda" singer Chris "The Heathen" Valagao sounds like KING DIAMOND and his falsetto, then he roars in best Death Metal-tradition, which me masters just as Thrash Metal-shouting, powerful singing, blackish shrieking or also Dave Lee Roth, I am not sure, if I have ever heard such an incredibly multi-faceted singer like him, absolute respect!

"Evil Robots" contains riffs of METALLICA's "Master Of Puppets" and one of the most brilliant lines of all times: "Napster, Napster, Where's the cash that I've been after"! On "Rock Move 47" CRADLE OF FILTH get their slap with Mickey-Mouse-voice, "Sodomanaz" basically is a NAZARETH-version, just with very different lyrics, "This Flight Tonight" is the only "official" cover-version, again NAZARETH, you see, absolutely nothing's sacred for ZIMMERS HOLE and that is good!

Their own compositions are damn tight, thundering guitars, very riffy, an outstanding drum-performance, power without end and everything packed into a truly gigantic production by Devin Townsend himself, for me one of the five best productions I've ever heard, no doubt, such power!

What else? Ah, lyrics to die laughing, guitarist and bassist normally are with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, just wanted to mention that, booklet also looks great...

All in all ZIMMERS HOLE are one of the weirdest and within that also most ingenious bands that I have heard in the past years, parodistic talent paired with great musicianship and strong ideas, really EVERY Metalhead will find something here, I just cannot do anything different than giving this legion of maniacs the only rating that really fits them...

Alexander Melzer

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