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Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames (6/10) - Canada - 2002

Genre: Metal
Label: Virusworx
Playing time: 50:18
Band homepage: Zimmers Hole


  1. The Hole Is The Law
  2. Death To The Dodgers Of Soap
  3. Re-Anaconda
  4. Legion Of Flames
  5. Well Of Misfortune
  6. Aerometh
  7. Evil Robots
  8. Gender Of The Beast
  9. Rock Move 47
  10. 1000 Miles Of Cock
  11. Sodomanaz
  12. That's How Drunks Drink
  13. Doggy Style
  14. This Flight Tonight
  15. White Trash Momma
  16. Gaysong
  17. Mushroom Mattress
  18. Satan Is A Gay Porno Star
  19. Platinum Shine
  20. The Death Of The Resurrection Of The Death Of Metal
Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames
Parallel project of Jed and Byron, both from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, ZIMMERS HOLE release with "Legion Of Flames" their second album, produced by Devin Townsend, from, o surprise, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. After having read this sentence, the SYL-fans will have stopped reading this and started running to their favourite record shop. Those who hate SYL will have started to read the next review.

To the rare other individuals who are still reading my crap, I will only say that ZIMMERS HOLE is a fun band, who copy and paste everything possible, put SYL in the middle, and add stupid lyrics on top of that. So you can find "Master Of Puppets" desecrated in "Evil Robots" in order to take the piss out of METALLICA and Napster; you can find some SLAYER on "The Death Of The Resurrection Of The Death Of Metal"; some AC/DC; some Punk… which means that, depending on your own type of humour, you will appreciate it or not.

"1000 Miles Of Cock", "Sodomanaz", "That's How Drunks Drink", "Doggy Style", "White Trash Momma", "Gaysong", or "Satan Is A Gay Porno Star", well, that's fun for a while, but a good old South Park or Simpsons is way better if you want to have a good laugh.

Thomas Bonnicel

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