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Tacere - Into Your Dreams (7/10) - Finland - 2002/2004

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 16:03
Band homepage: Tacere


  1. Deep Tears Of Tragedy >mp3
  2. Into Your Dreams >mp3
  3. Black Roses >mp3
  4. Excursion Into The Gray (Electrogothicmix/ Saksaporno)
Tacere - Into Your Dreams

Only few months after the release of “The Legend Of Gévaudan“ Finnish TACERE are back with a new 4 tracker, titled “Into Your Dreams“. And they have stayed true to themselves, mixing Progressive and Power Metal, but not in the SYMPHONY X manner, but somehow sounding different than all the others, which is rare enough these days.


Main man Karri Knuuttila still works hard on realising his musical vision and without a doubt has taken the criticism on the previous release to heart, because his voice sounds a lot better and is more versatile than ever, very good clear vocals, an a bit rougher sound and also almost Gothic-like pitches are mastered without any problems, the production has a lot more clarity and power and they have fully integrated Helena Haaparanta, only guest vocalist on “The Legend Of Gévaudan“,into the line-up.


Now “Into Your Dreams“ is a re-recording of the first demo from 2002 plus a bonus track (so much for new material…) and the opener “Deep Tears Of Tragedy“ bellows ahead with quite some power and double-bass, while the title track then considerably reduces the heaviness, putting more emphasis on atmosphere until then all of a sudden after three minutes a few Death Metal growls introduce a passage, where the double-bass race against the heavy guitars, cool!


„Black Roses“ then adds some theatrics, alternating between slow and straight rocking, with many different vocal styles, while the bonus track is an Electro/Gothic mix of “Excursion Into The Gray“, which I could have done without, as this direction is not my thing, period, danceable it still definitely is.


Here you can hear, where the roots of TACERE come from and that even back then they had sounded different than the rest, revealing a lot of potential, which would be explored further in the years to come. At the same time I also received the EP “Emoción Muerte“, complete with new songs, so let’s see, how the band really sounds in 2004… (Online July 3, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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