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Tacere - Emoción Muerte (5,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 26:57
Band homepage: Tacere


  1. Belleza De Oscuridad >mp3
  2. Excursion Into The Gray >mp3
  3. Dance Of Silence >mp3
  4. Emoción Muerte
Tacere - Emoción Muerte

Some bands don’t make it easy for the reviewer and most probably the listener - TACERE are one of those bands. After the re-recording of “Into Your Dreams“ had been pretty convincing, band head Karri Knuuttila whacks a musical slab over my head with “Emoción Muerte“ that it has some serious trouble processing, more than ever progressive and ambitioned.


One of the main points of criticism with TACERE (and I am not alone with this) is Karri’s voice, which had been a lot better on the re-release, here it still is not bad, but he seems to have gotten a bit ahead of himself, trying his luck in vocal lines that his voice just can’t do (yet) and that is a pretty weighty problem for “Emoción Muerte“, as other reviews also point out.


“Belleza De Oscuridad“ alternates between a very calm verse and a powerful chorus, so to say standing between Doom and Melodic Metal, at times with some cembalo and overall pretty progressive and theatrical, not exactly accessible or even catchy, which is at least partly countered by the following “Excursion Into The Gray“, which also is pretty proggy, but with a very catchy and straight chorus. “Dance Of Silence“ with its more than nine minutes is almost an epos, but very spartanically instrumented, mostly piano and soft vocals, later on also utilizing some more symphonic keyboards and female vocals, not bad, but altogether just too long, while “Emoción Muerte“ is another very ambitioned piece, which in the end fails in the realization, with forced sounding vocals and overall too little cohesion within the composition.


Even though this reads quite negative, it still is important to note that TACERE are doing their best not to slide off into the often quite formulaic tracks, but in this case the potential is there, it just is not fully explored. Work on it a bit more and try to stay within your abilities and it could become something more… (Online July 4, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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