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Hedfirst - Scarismatic (2/10) - Poland - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 39:09
Band homepage: Hedfirst


  1. Scarismatic
  2. Primal Hate
  3. Truth Against Truth >mp3
  4. Time For Fight
  5. Broken Root
  6. Defeat
  7. Dead End?
  8. Sleepers
  9. Scars >mp3
  10. Wasted
  11. The End Is Always The Beginning
Hedfirst - Scarismatic

's HEDFIRST are simply a band I would not find myself listening to after a couple of times. Considered Metalcore (a completely misnamed genre in my opinion), HEDFIRST mix much of what is considered Metalcore with the to and fro cadence of bands like BIOHAZARD. Throw in quite a few bars of Nu-Metal and you've got a fusion of music that turns me off completely.


Firstly, Vocalist Przemek Witkowski is trying far too hard to sound angry and rasped; he doesn’t sound so much unlike singers who capture the frenzied indignation of solid Metal frontmen, but someone forcing out what he can to mimic those who can belt out fury. Now and then he does channel a Death Metal line or two, only to fall back into the same up and down tempo of the music itself. He doesn’t stand out and he doesn’t add to the overall band output.


Musically HEDFIRST have a lot of rhythm problems for me, obviously starting with drummer Arek Lukasiak. Sure he can jam into a blast beat every so often like that found during “Sleepers”, however he is more apt to simply trundle out a very simple 4x4 time signature with only a tempo change in variation from this for most of the tracks on “Scarismatic”. In conjunction with the simple percussion are the over-wrought, down tuned guitars played uniformly with the drums. Symbiotic yes, but mind-numbingly boring. There are some decent stand alone riffs on the album, but they are few and far between and as I pointed out, never vertical from the rhythm. Seriously lacking are any guitar solos of merit. Solos are perhaps not a signature of the genre, but a characteristic of good Metal I find almost essential. Track 9, “Scars” is symptomatic of the album as a whole: starting with an off key, high intro that wouldn’t sound out of place on a KORN record, the song then sludges on with a monotony as wooden as the trite lyrics HEDFIRST spew.


With bands like VADER, BEHEMOTH and DECAPITATED forging the mantle of Polish Metal, I’m afraid HEDFIRST aren’t a speck on the windshield of Metal. (Online July 5, 2005)

Stephen Rafferty

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