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106 tablatures for Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under - 13 (5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 35:55
Band homepage: Six Feet Under


  1. Decomposition Of The Human Race
  2. Somewhere In The Darkness
  3. Rest In Pieces
  4. Wormfood
  5. 13
  6. Shadow Of The Reaper >mp3
  7. Deathklaat
  8. The Poison Hand
  9. This Suicide
  10. The Art Of Headhunting
  11. Stump
Six Feet Under - 13

Well, to be honest SIX FEET UNDER haven’t really given me a lot since their ingenious debut disc “Maximum Violence” and maybe “Warpath”. The faltering got worse and worse with every disc. Their dull Mid-tempo Death Metal is just too boring to me.


Well, "13“ doesn’t change much about this either, it is better than the predecessor, as faster tunes are used, too, but nevertheless the album sounds too predictable to me. The grooves somewhat save it and there are also some well-done tunes such as “Deathklaat”, “Wormfood”, “The Poison Hand” or “The Art Of Headhunting”, for example. But this is a bit meagre, I think. One question will forever haunt me: There are so many neat Death Metal bands out there, why is it SIX FEET UNDER who are so popular? I don’t get it. (Online July 5, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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