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Brand New Sin - Recipe For Disaster (6,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 47:08
Band homepage: Brand New Sin


  1. Arrived
  2. The Loner >mp3
  3. Brown Street Betty
  4. Black And Blue >mp3
  5. Running Alone
  6. Freight Train >mp3
  7. Vicious Cycles
  8. Another Reason
  9. Days Are Numbered
  10. Once In A Lifetime
  11. Dead Man Walking
  12. Gulch
  13. Wyoming
Brand New Sin - Recipe For Disaster

Hard Rock from the country of the unlimited chances. Their music seems to be the same unlimited because the Americans prove on their second album “Recipe For Disaster” that they have a broad spectre of creativity and inventiveness. There are altogether 13 songs on this CD and these 47-minutes lasting album takes the listener with it on a ride through the States because their music is perfect for a trip on a highway in the deserts. So, this was at least my thought when I first listened to this record. Lately with “Running Alone” should be obvious, where these guys come from because this song has a decent Country influence.


Other influences range from GUNS N’ ROSES, BLACK SABBATH, PANTERA, MOTÖRHEAD or LYNYRD SKYNYRD. It seems that they have much Metal parts but I have to disagree because the biggest influence from this bands come from MOTÖRHEAD. This CD has nothing to do with Metal, it’s Hard Rock. Dirty guitars and a heavy, smoky and strong voice are the main trademarks of the music and their sound needs a short time to get into your ears.


They are allegedly a great live band, they already supported bands like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and even SLAYER, which should be a sign of quality. This is everything, the band already gained with their first effort. In my opinion, the CD loses its attraction after few spins, it gets boring with the time. But I’m sure that it will be much better in a live situation but personally, this is no album, I absolutely must have for my collection. Check them out for yourselves, fortunately, everybody has another taste. (Online July 11, 2005)

Achim Hentschel

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