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Seth - Divine - X (8,5/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 37:04
Band homepage: Seth


  1. Evil - X
  2. The Sons Of Seth
  3. Walk On Fire With Me
  4. Addicted To Psychotropic Angeldust
  5. Cosmic Cursed's Shelter
  6. Into The Spheres Of Spirituality
  7. Satanik Generation
  8. Divine - X
Seth - Divine - X
SETH has changed quite a lot since their former album, the already very good "The Excellence". First of all, a change of singer, the new one being more aggressive and varied than its predecessor, even if the difference is not so huge. And mostly a change of orientation, with a more direct and punchy style (maybe that's due to the fact that their drummer Alsvid is now also in ENTHRONED, a fucking blast-band), with some very precise and almost close to old school Death Metal-riffs.

Still, an important number of melodic parts, the quality seal of SETH, is still there and give to "Divine - X" a very good equilibrium between violence and intelligence, which is a rare thing in nowadays Metal-world where intelligence is not a value anymore. You can also notice the arrival of some very discrete electronic parts, showing that SETH have no fear to go ahead and experiment a bit.

All in all, SETH have been able to keep what they had reached with "The Excellence", and by developing their own personality and going away from their first influences (Norwegian Black Metal-bands). A very good success for a band that has found its way…

Thomas Bonnicel

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