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10 tablatures for Yattering

Yattering - Live Extermination (7/10) - Poland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 42:57
Band homepage: Yattering


  1. Intro
  2. Anal Narcotic
  3. Life For Life
  4. The Feeling
  5. Unnormally Zone
  6. Lost Within
  7. The Murderer
  8. The Art Of The 20th Century
  9. Exterminate
  10. Eyes Can See
  11. Dittohead (SLAYER cover)
  12. Chase Of Thoughts
  13. I’ll Neglect (BRUTAL TRUTH cover)
  14. Outro
Yattering - Live Extermination

Sometimes I don’t know if record companies lack all scruples or just some. Supposedly, Metal Mind Productions shadily released “Live Extermination” without informing YATTERING of their decision to do so. Thankfully, though, the product turned out okay, especially considering the fact that it’s an extreme live album. But “Live Extermination” is definitely the most extraneous component of the Poland-based band’s discography.


First of all, it’s imperative to know that the track listing is off by two, because it doesn’t allow for the “Intro” or the “Outro,” which means the disc is off by one for most of its life. However, the sound and production is fantastic: every instrument is crisp clear and the overall assault doesn’t get jumbled at any points. As you know, if you’ve listened to YATTERING in the past, all involved musicians are insanely gifted and the members just ooze with skill. Any of the songs such as “Anal Narcotic,” “Lost Within,” or “The Murderer” are notable due to their brutality and speed. It’s rather unfortunate that the group can’t seem to craft memorable songs, though. In addition to ten recognizable compositions, we’re also able to absorb covers of SLAYER’s “Dittohead” and BRUTAL TRUTH’s “I’ll Neglect.” And I guess the audience took time to warm up, because they’re barely noticeable during the first cluster of excursions.


It’s not like “Live Extermination” is the worst example of a live offering that I’ve ever heard. No, it just feels forced and somewhat contrived. Was this a ploy to sell records? I would say so. YATTERING would probably agree with that assessment as well. Either way, I’d check this out but only after acquiring their impressive studio releases. (Online July 12, 2005)

Jason Jordan

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