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Cellador - Leaving All Behind (8/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:22
Band homepage: Cellador


  1. Leaving All Behind
  2. Seen Through Time
  3. Forever Unbound
  4. No Chances Lost
Cellador - Leaving All Behind

Another find on have been American CELLADOR, more precisely hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. This state so far hasnít been known for its Metal so far, but the moment that I had heard these guysí title track on their site, I was floored, this band without a doubt is a hot contender for the title of most European sounding Metal band of the USA! The German school is pretty evident, like early HELLOWEEN, just like the apparently new British school of DRAGONFORCE.


And even though CELLADOR do not really re-invent the Power Metal wheel, they manage to fill this very classical sound with a freshness that you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, blistering, melodic riffing, driving drums, high and expressive vocals, if I didnít know that this quintet hailed from Nebraska, I would without a doubt placed them in Europe, definitely a nice surprise!


What all four songs have in common is the speed, because CELLADOR donít waste any time with mid-tempo or even ballads, no, 23 minutes straight ahead with a lot of fire, which most probably is the biggest parallel to British DRAGONFORCE. The guitar duo Chris Petersen and Sam Chatham shred through the songs that you fear for the life of their guitar strings, with solos galore and at times also great twin harmonies, which underline Michael Smithís high voice, and still keep a technical aspect prominent.


Some might accuse the Americans of a lack of originality and I canít fully acquit them of this, as a calmer passage here and there might have loosened up things a bit, still these four songs are more than remarkable for a first release and if you generally have a knack for this style, then you should definitely put CELLADOR up on the bill, because this could very well be the next big Power Metal thing coming our way from the States! (Online July 13, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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