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Novact - Tales From The Soul (To Those Who Understand) (8/10) - Netherlands - 2005

Genre: Progressive Gothic Metal
Label: Sensory
Playing time: 52:06
Band homepage: Novact


  1. Sharply Condemned
  2. Hope And Fear
  3. Eternal Life
  4. Path Of Daggers
  5. So Help Me God
  6. Flower
  7. The Rider >mp3
  8. Nothing Worth Fighting For
  9. Promises
  10. Bad Religion
Novact - Tales From The Soul (To Those Who Understand)

ANGEL DUST turned progressive… That is how NOVACT could be described. Keys often way in front of the mix, while it doesn’t prevent the guitar to sound really heavy, a strong and melodic singer and drumming from out of space, this is the universe in which NOVACT presents us their debut album.


The singers reminds a lot of Morby (DOMINE) when he sang for TIME MACHINE on the “Shades Of Time” album. His tone is pleasant and different than the usual Prog Metal singer, which is refreshing and gives a certain touch of uniqueness to the band.


A more progressive approach in the bass department would have made this album a perfect little Prog gem, but sadly, the bass sound is often lost in the overall mix. The songs are surprisingly not that long for a Prog Metal album, the longest clocking in at 7 minutes.


Even though the band can easily be compared to some others, like VANISHING POINT and TIME MACHINE, NOVACT music sound enough distinctive to believe that they will certainly be known, in the future, as something else than a Prog Metal clone. (Online July 13, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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