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Inward Sanctum - Secret Ocean’s Sorcery (-/10) - Greece - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 07:50
Band homepage: -


  1. Voices Under The Sea
  2. Secret Ocean’s Sorcery
Inward Sanctum - Secret Ocean’s Sorcery

This Greek outfit originally formed as a quintet in 1997 but today INWARD SANCTUM prefers to function as a duo, short and simple. It’s like this, you got two guys learning the instruments and working on some songs for an album in their home studio, next to the kitchen in the apartment with the toilet on the left side. They wrap up their striking compositions and decide to spread this two tracked promo CD through the obscured Metal ghetto where tape traders still dwell in search for that which is most precious, obscure music!


Next to the atmospheric intro, “Secret Ocean’s Sorcery” is quite an interesting song, surely RHAPSODY or BATTLELORE couldn’t have come up with a better song title for one of their lengthy epics. The guys want their music to “do” something, like doing more than the average Radio Metal so they stuff this one song with lots of tempo changes and varied arrangements, which is all good but the vocals and production both appear stiff as a corpse, except for the few growls, they’re good and well timed. Contrast and dynamics appear to be in focus here, the silent verses don’t really standout but when the heavier sections take over the band shows some good playing, nothing grand or anything remote to a revelation here, if you want a song to work to please you, meaning variety and subtle contrasts are your biggest turn ons (hello NOVEMBRE), then maybe this is something for you, oh wait… did I mention the drum machine?


Not much I can say about one song, the intro’s pretty straightforward exercising the silent greeting and usual build up but with a more relaxed, doomed OPETH/ANATHEMA style of execution. The rest you read a moment ago, probably not what an IN-FLAMES-DIMMU-BORGIR-SOILWORK-all-hot-name-hot-production-sound worshipper needs, this thing’s more likely to end up in the arms of those who hunt exclusively for the sounds from beneath, which one are you, choose now! (Online July 16, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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