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Capitollium - Symphony Of Possession (5,5/10) - Ukraïne - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Oupiric Productions
Playing time: 58:32
Band homepage: Capitollium


  1. Inverted Chant
  2. Fire In His Hands
  3. The Will And The Order
  4. Aurora In The Nightsky
  5. Oblivion Of Thy
  6. Rebirth Beneath The Stone
  7. Holyness Of The…
  8. Waiting Until The Sundeath
  9. Fugue In The Myst
  10. Unleashed Sorrow
  11. The Mercy Of Christ
  12. Ave Maria (Black Cover)
  13. Almost Perverted
Capitollium - Symphony Of Possession

When finding a one-man project, the probability that it is a “band” from the Black Metal genre is pretty high. CAPITOLLIUM is no exception, St.Julius is the name of the gentleman, formerly in bands such as APOSTATE, MOLPHAR and LITURGY FOR NOSFERATU, before starting his own project in 2000.


“Symphony Of Possession“ now is the demo of same name from 2002 (altogether there are four albums already), which had been the musical turning point for CAPITOLLIUM, away from the fast Black Metal, reducing heaviness and speed, introducing more keyboards, so basically Symphonic Black Metal with some Gothic elements. So much on that.


After the completely keyboard-monopolised quasi intro “Inverted Chant“ “Fire In His Hands“ then shows what to expect of big parts of the hour of music: Lots of keyboards, often very dominant, the guitar more pushed into the background as rhythm instrument, a pretty mechanical sounding drum computer and on top of that the rough Black Metal voice. At least he tries his best to keep the songs variable (within the composition), yet in the end most compositions sound very much alike and the quite obtrusive keyboards wash away some originally pretty good ideas.


The production at times also is more sabotaging than helping, as it at times is pretty undifferentiated, still I want to make clear that “Symphony Of Possession“ is not a complete wash-out by any means, because St.Julius has talent, “Holyness Of The…“, for example, is a good and mature track that can compete with the more established bands and two, three other songs also fall into a comparable category, (“Waiting Until The Sundeath“, and the Black Metal version of “Ave Maria“ also is really cool), so it’s not a hopeless cause.


Altogether unfortunately a rather faceless album, which in the mass of similar releases goes under more or less completely and most probably will only appeal to completists and die-hard fans of this particular style. Nice to listen to, but unfortunately not really more, would still be interesting to hear the newer compositions to see, which kind of evolution CAPITOLLIUM have gone through. (Online July 18, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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