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Celestial Asylum - Cosmic Creation (7/10) - Turkey - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:28
Band e-mail: Celestial Asylum


  1. Destination: The Earth
  2. Cosmic Creation
  3. Rise Of The Nibiru
  4. Sumeria, Realm Of The Gods
  5. Annunaki Rebellion
  6. Outroot: To Be Continued...
Celestial Asylum - Cosmic Creation

Turkey so far was Power Metal-no-man’s-land to me, if you don’t count in THE PENTAGRAM/MEZARKABUL (who are not really Power Metal either), but this is bound to change with CELESTIAL ASYLUM, a sextet from the capital Ankara, which is offering us some progressive Power Metal here.


STRATOVARIUS shine through, as do SYMPHONY X, not the worst role models for a young band. CELESTIAL ASYLUM already were founded back in 1998 and took their time to release their first demo, so we definitely don’t have a premature release here. The compositions still have room for improvement, which is negligible with a newcomer, though, especially if there are good ideas to be found, as is the case with “Cosmic Creation”.


After the spoken intro “Destination: The Earth“ the title track brings us a more or less average track of the chosen style, very well played and all, showing potential, but still needs some work. “Rise Of The Nibiru“ then reduces the speed in the verse, just to unleash the double-bass during the bridge, while “Sumeria, Realm Of The Gods“ is an acoustic ballad with some extra female vocals, bearing a light “The Bard’s Song” touch.


The production here and there is a bit dumb, but still leaves enough room for the instruments to unfold. The song writing shows potential, but yet it still is obvious that they have quite some work cut out for them, if they want to compete with the established acts, yet in the next few years we might hear a whole lot more of CELESTIAL ASYLUM. (Online July 20, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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