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Riff Master General - A Trust Betrayed (8/10) - Ireland - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 60:00
Band homepage: Riff Master General


  1. The G-Men
  2. Bloody Vengeance (I Am Destroyer)
  3. Fear Before The Fall
  4. These Scars
  5. 'Til Tomorrow Dies
  6. Promised Land
  7. The Wraith
  8. Surrender
  9. Manqueller
  10. The Eternal Heart
  11. We Like That
Riff Master General - A Trust Betrayed
"A Trust Betrayed" is very unlike the other CDs I have reviewed so far from my home country of Ireland. Here RIFF MASTER GENERAL have created a truly mature and professional album. They combine many genre's of Metal creating what for the most part can be described as catchy, riff based, Thrash Metal. There are aspects of Power Metal, Thrash Metal (METALLICA-style) and real catchy choruses, riffs and tunes.

Tracks like "We Like That" automatically stand out for they capture your attention and leave you singing the choruses aloud for a long time. The musicianship is exquisite. From start to finish this album captivates the listener's attention with its variety of Metal, even the softer parts appeal to me creating the contrasting tempos within an album that I am extremely fond of. It creates a roller-coaster of emotions that I appreciate in a recording.

The musicianship is faultless, the dual lead guitars are amazing and the riffs are catchy, sharp and the rhythm is very tight. Drumming although generally no frills is solid and provides the perfect back beat for the guitars to really shine through. Great production has left the bass very audible and provides a nice touch to that "Black Album"-era METALLICA-vibe that this album generates. Vocalwise however it took me a little longer to get into RMG. The softer songs have great vocal work (especially the chorus to "'Til Tomorrow Dies" which is becoming an often played track here in my bedroom), but the rawer vocals took a longer time for me to appreciate as I found them overdone and at times as annoying as Mustaine.

However with perseverance the vocals grew on me as I'm sure they would with any of you. Now I am very fond of the unique style RMG's vocalist has found. This is only a minor complaint as the album is generally first class. Definitely recommended without hesitation to those out there with a liking for catchy Thrash Metal.

Niall Kennedy

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