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Freedom Call - The Circle Of Life (8/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 51:05
Band homepage: Freedom Call


  1. Mother Earth >mp3
  2. Carry On
  3. The Rhythm Of Life
  4. Hunting High And Low >mp3
  5. Starlight
  6. The Gathering
  7. Kings And Queens >mp3
  8. Hero Nation
  9. High Enough
  10. Starchild
  11. The Eternal Flame
  12. The Circle Of Life
Freedom Call - The Circle Of Life

The reason why FREEDOM CALL stands out from the rest of the Melodic Power Metal pack is their ability to sound like HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS better than any other band. Yep this is ‘’Keeper Of The Seven Keys’’ territory here and if that’s your bag then FREEDOM CALL’s fourth studio is going to sound like Grunge and Nu-Metal never happened.


Let’s make one thing clear though FREEDOM CALL do the Melodic Power Metal thing very impressively. The vocals of Chris Bay put him amongst the top bellowers in the genre; the harmonies are sublime, the FREEDOM CALL sound being instantly recognisable. The guitars dance, duel and pirouette throughout the album pulling of some mighty big riffs and rampaging solos a la Hanson and Weikath in the 80’s. As for the back line one should really turn up the volume for monster tracks like ‘’Carry On’’ and ‘’Hunting High And Low’’ to hear the bass and drums really harden up to provide a tight, effective unit.


Commercially this is FREEDOM CALL back on track after the disappointing 2002 effort ‘’Eternity’’ the consistent quality on offer is a big step up from all previous albums, it’s obvious they are trying to push the envelope without losing the trademark sound. We get treated to out and out Metal on the aforementioned ‘’Carry On’’ the excellent ‘’Mother Earth’’, ‘’Hero Nation’’ and the truly outstanding ‘’High Enough’’. Surprisingly there is a distinct Melodic Rock tinge about ‘’Starlight’’ A big keyboard infused anthem peppered with almost Pop sensibilities that soars and soars until conclusion.


“The Gathering’’ is a classic instrumental building to a Melodic fever pitch then segueing into the fast paced, energetic and almost epic! (The opening riff is a dead ringer for OZZY’s ‘’Bark At The Moon’’) ‘’Kings And Queens’’ Unlike say ASTRAL DOORS FREEDOM CALL have adopted a classic sound but built upon it revealing a new fresh and vibrant take on what has essentially been done before. Excellent all round. (Online July, 21 2005)

Chris Doran

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