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Quiet Riot - Not quiet yet... (Kevin DuBrow/Frankie Banali) - Online Jul. 2005

April 29th 2005 I had the opportunity to have a sit down with Kevin Dubrow and Frankie Banali from QUIET RIOT. I met up with the band in the midst of their sound check in preparation for the show only hours away. The guys gave me a little insight on the new album that will start recording later this year with a release date of early 2006.


So QUIET RIOT is now part of the Rock Never Stops tour with CINDERELLA, RATT and FIREHOUSE. Have you been stayed in contact with any of these band members over the years?


FIREHOUSE. This is our 3rd Rock Never Stops tour. 1st one was us FIREHOUSE and WARRANT and the 2nd was us Ted Nugent and NIGHT RANGER and these are not assembled by the artists but by the agencies and promoters. We have been friends with the guys from FIREHOUSE for years and I have known the guys from CINDERELLA but not to well but one of the best bands that have come out with us I thought.


It should be a great tour and hopefully no problems with anyone leaving the tour like Jani lane did on the 1st tour?


It will be a great tour because there is no one with us that is like that (Jani Lane). I know that CINDERELLA are super professional and we know that FIREHOUSE are all about business and QUIET RIOT is also there to put on the best show we possibly can. As far as problems like before they are problems unique to those people


I guess it is great to be working with Frankie Banali again?


Awesome. The combination of Chuck Wright and Frankie is what I have always said to be the best rhythm section QUIET RIOT has ever had and it is a rhythm section that is only rivalled to people like John Bonham and John Paul Jones. I know they can't say that about themselves but certainly can and when you sing in front of these guys and it is the greatest rhythm section out there.


As for the fans are you seeing younger fans or mainly the older generation?


I figure we are getting a mix because of all the coverage on VH1, Much Music and stuff like that. There is a great resurgence of interest in 80's Rock and MÖTLEY CRÜE has helped with this now playing together again. So we get all the age groups now.


Metal is back.


Don't know about that is really true as it’s not going to sell as many records as it did back then unless radio drastically changes. They are playing all the new stuff, they are not playing and older music unless it is Classic Rock. And they have even started playing any newer material from the older bands.


So you have some newer material coming out. Are we going to see a new album coming out soon?


Ya we were going to record hopefully in September although the Rock Never Stops tour is now going to be going longer than we anticipated. Now we are going to record in October /November and have the release in March or April 2006.


Your solo album that was just released and are we going to hear any of that material tonight?


2 songs. “Bird On A Flame” and “Red Light Mama Red Hot” which is one of our favourites to play as we get to play an extended jam. QUIET RIOT believe it or not is big on jamming. Some of them older songs don't lend themselves structurally to that jam but “Red Light” fits in great.


So will the newer album be a newer sound or will we be hearing shades of the old QUIET RIOT?


We can go back in time again like “Guilty Pleasures” but we are not going to this time. We are going to go to a more Blues based retro 70's sound with newer sounds from our guitar player Alex Grossi as he is only 28 years old and has more current influences. So he brings that into the fold and Frankie has written some great songs that are like CREAM meets ZEPPELIN meets BAD COMPANY. So we have a combination of more current sounds and some that are much more retro. So nothing is 80's it is either 70's or millennium.


Live album was awesome and I would like to add that QUIET RIOT is amazing to see and hear live.


Thank you.


Do you feel the same recording live as compared to in the studio?


It is hard to say. QUIET RIOT has different versions of sound. Some versions may not sound good live but in fact look great. Some times people hear with their eyes during live shows and that wasn't a planned live album. My opinion is that live albums are for the fans and the only live albums I personally ever liked are THE WHO “Live At Leeds and HUMBLE PIE “Rocking The Fillmore”. I don't like them and the songs are not any different than the studio album and the live album may just be all songs that never made it onto an album.


The recording must make recording easier with the intensity and the energy level of the crowd behind the band.


Yes but our live album wasn't prepared like I said before as some bands do to make the live recording that much better. Frankie? Live albums are not prepared are they?

No. Everything is live. We have no options really to change it if we wanted to because of the format it was recorded in originally. The only thing that was done to it was the EQ settings changed and some mastering for the finished product.


Was there a definite song selection before the recording or did you just through random songs out at the crowd?


There were certain songs that were unusable because Kevin was doing the big stage performance at that time and we were playing huge arenas and so a lot of the times he wasn't exactly on the microphone. So those songs were eliminated as well as 1 song that Carlos Cavazo’s guitar had feedback and it was cut from the album as well. The songs on the album were finalized by picking the best quality from the live recordings from a variety of shows over a one week period.


Carlos name was mentioned. Are you still in contact with him or Rudy Sarzo?


Well I see Rudy from time to time because of unfinished business with QUIET RIOT which always happens with any band after there has been a line-up change. Carlos for me personally, (and I have nothing against Carlos) we never had a problem but Carlos and I never really hung out in the 20 plus years we were together and now that he is not part of QUIET RIOT I have less contact with him more than before when we were together. I have no contact with either of them because QUIET RIOT to me was all about my relationship with Frankie. When we reassembled the band again and settled on the current line-up all we do is look towards the future and the past is the past. The bottom line is just that everyone has moved on.


What are you guys listening to these days?


I like VELVET REVOLVER for new stuff and that is about the only new stuff. I listen to the old stuff like CREAM, HUMBLE PIE, and THE WHO.


Metal has really changed since the 80's and it is even sometimes hard pressed to be called Metal at times.


The singing is real different and I could care less for some of it. It is not really blues based it is just a different thing. Not to put it down and say it is not good but some people really seem to enjoy it. For me I like the classic Metal singers like Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST AND FIGHT) and Ronnie James Dio (BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, and DIO).


On the upcoming tour are you going to be doing any live shoots for a possible live DVD?


You never know. There is always a possibility of that happening and if the situation presents itself.


I just interviewed Mark Kendall from GREAT WHITE and we talked about a possible book about GREAT WHITE and the unseen events that the fans don't se. Any chance we may see something similar from QUIET RIOT?


No not really. There are lots of stories to tell and every time I tell a story someone gets mad. There are so many lies written about the band so why write the truth. We would rather play music than talk about the past.


Where do you see the band 5 years from now?


I look not that far ahead but right now it is fun and I am enjoying myself just as much as in the 80's. It is just about playing with the people you like personally and musically. If that continues there is no reason to shut it down.


Well guys thanks a lot and I can’t wait for the show in a couple of hours.


1978: Quiet Riot (CD, Columbia)

1979: Quiet Riot II (CD, Columbia)

1983: Metal Health (CD, Epic)

1984: Condition Critical (CD, Epic)

1986: QR III (CD, Epic)

1988: Quiet Riot (CD, Pasha)

1993: Terrified (CD, Moonstone)

1994: Down To The Bone (CD, Kamikaze)

1999: Alive And Well (CD, Axe Killer)

2001: Guilty Pleasures (CD, Bodybuard)

2005: Live & Rare Vol. 1 (CD, Demolition)

Greg Manley

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