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7 tablatures for Equilibrium

Equilibrium - Turis Fratyr (9/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Black Attakk
Playing time: 58:26
Band homepage: Equilibrium


  1. Turis Fratyr
  2. Wingthors Hammer
  3. Unter Der Eiche >mp3
  4. Der Sturm
  5. Widars Hallen >mp3
  6. Met
  7. Heimdalls Ruf
  8. Die Prophezeihung
  9. Nordheim
  10. Im Fackelschein
  11. Tote Heldensagen >mp3
  12. Wald Der Freiheit
  13. Shingo Murata (Bonus Track) >mp3
Equilibrium - Turis Fratyr

Two years ago a Bavarian band called EQUILIBRIUM completely surprised me with a 7 track EP, with great Viking Metal and I had called the whole thing “impressive” back then. After that it was quiet around the band, but the deserved record deal was the result, the label might have been a bit of a surprise, the Black Metal company Black Attakk.


Five of the seven track of the demo also found their way onto “Turis Fratyr“, of course re-recorded, among them the smash hit “Met”, so entertainment guaranteed. And EQUILIBRIUM generate a lot of entertainment indeed, for Germany they have a pretty original sound, which I personally would rather have placed into Scandinavia, if there were not the partly German lyrics.


After a foresty intro “Wingthors Hammer“ sets out with a bang, musically taking melodic Black Metal as foundation and spicing it up with some great folky melodies and quite some keyboards (which never turn conspicuous, though), Viking-ing it. “Unter Der Eiche“ is one of the big hits form the demo and features many tempo changes, but without losing anything of the catchiness, epic, melodic, great! After “Der Sturm” takes the tempo down a notch and is more riffy, we get the next future classic with “Widars Hallen”, with tons of energy, fat double-bass as well as slower, more intense passages, flutes and at the end as outro a part with only female vocals and keyboards, very strong!


And then? Then we get this:

“Kennst Du den Urknall aus dem Horn?

Kennst Du den Grund für der Nordmannen Zorn?

Klar wie das Wasser aus unseren Tälern,

Gelb wie reife Weizenähren,

Aus dem Fasse muss es fliessen,

Damit wir Schlacht und Sieg begiessen.

Met, Met, Met, Met, Met, Met


Hoch im Norden, tief im Nebel

Wo die Mannen mit Njørd segeln

Dort wolln wir im Kampfe die Äxte schwingen

Nach der Jagdzeit am Feuer singen

Die Hörner und die Humpen heben

Der Met, der ist ein Aasensegen

Met, Met, Met, Met, Met, Met“

Exactly: “Met“, the ultimate sing along song with accordion, FINNTROLL shine through a bit here!


“Tote Heldensagen“ also is top notch, epic, varied, dynamic, with more then 9 minutes of best Viking Metal! And the DigiPak version has another surprise in store: “Shingo Murata“. Japanese title, birds at the beginning, then suddenly a Reggae rhythm, before switching into the EQUILIBRIUM sound, funny idea!


The production is clear and powerful and gives the great compositions the right surroundings to fully develop, the packaging is great as wall, the songs are mature and simply good, what else will they have in store for us? One of the top albums in 2005, no doubt! (Online July 23, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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