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Insidious Decrepancy - Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering (7/10) - USA - 2002/2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 34:10
Band homepage: Insidious Decrepancy


  1. Maniacal Contempt Spawned From Agonizing Depravity >mp3
  2. Enraptured By Sickening Visions Of Perverse Debauchery
  3. Rancid Cesspool Of Unimaginable Splendor By Ritualistic Butchery
  4. Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering
  5. Dawn Of Possession (Immolation Cover)
  6. Horrendous Lust For Psychopathic Purity Through Self Immolation
  7. Forsaken Defamation And Irreverence
  8. Insatiably Craving Abhorrent Denouncement From The Continues Of Flesh
  9. Deplorable Stench Reeking Of Treacherous Deceit
Insidious Decrepancy - Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering

If I was a betting man I would be a much poorer man. Never in my few 20 years of existence would I have believed that a 1 man band could actually sound so tight, offensive and creative while not falling into the genre of Black Metal. Never have I heard such a great drum machine either and I suggest all bands unable to find the organic counterpart to look up Shawn Whitaker. “Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering” is a crushing affair which seeks to overwhelm the world with its low bottom end and hellish vocals.


Where this release shines is in the uncompromising combination of brutality and technicality in a similar vein to the formula utilized by the classic incarnation of Long Islanders SUFFOCATION. The tempo is a vast alternating current pounding the shores with mid-paced riffs that could flatten the neighbourhood as well as blasting sections which create a wall of noise thicker than the Berlin Wall (when it was standing of course). When the thick guitar tone is combined with the guttural vocals and relatively interesting drum machine, the overall product is quite malicious and addictive.


The song writing abilities of Mr. Whitaker are relatively solid although in certain instances they could perhaps use some development. The better cuts are “Enraptured By Sickening…” and the title track in which that crushing tempo is manipulated to the point where the listener cannot ignore the recording and is leashed to the speakers to devour the next juicy hook. The flip side of the coin is of course the fact that the riffs themselves are relatively solid but nothing spectacular. Due to this fact certain mid-paced sections focusing on the development of the riffs and leads can become somewhat boring.


The record is somewhat strong and kept to a perfect length at just over 34 minutes. I could have done without the IMMOLATION cover although it is performed quite flawlessly. The release as it stands is relatively solid Brutal Death Metal which proves an interesting and enjoyable listen although ultimately is nothing spectacular. I believe the songs could benefit slightly from an actual drummer as well as Whitaker developing his songwriting talent a bit and putting more effort into the variety of the compositions. The talent is there and some of the cuts are downright vicious, although the album as a whole can become somewhat tedious. There are some really killer riffs to be found in the murky depths and the technical ecstasy is readily apparent. Those who found solace in IMMOLATION’s latest or perhaps even “Souls To Deny” would do good in picking this one up and revelling in technical brutality. (Online July 24, 2005)

Charles Theel

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