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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - THRONE OF KATARSIS - Unholy Holocaustwinds

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Throne Of Katarsis - Unholy Holocaustwinds (-/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:22
Band homepage: Throne Of Katarsis


  1. Funeral Moonlight >mp3
  2. Symbols Of Winter >mp3
  3. Skogens Kall
Throne Of Katarsis - Unholy Holocaustwinds

From the West coast of Norway comes this duo calling themselves THRONE OF KATARSIS. Grimnisse does everything but the drums, which are handled by a guy using Vardalv as a pseudonym. THORNE OF KATARSIS are performing Black Metal in the vein of the early Norwegian Black Metal bands. One of the myths in the world of Metal is that all Norwegian Black Metal bands have turned gay. Once again I would like to urge those people clamining this to look for music that they like instead of repeating the same shit over and over again. THRONE OF KATARSIS is a clear proof that not every Black Metal band in Norway thinks the same way.


"Unholy Holocaustwinds" starts with the sounds of a Church organ and something I suppose is meant to be a priest saying: "La Oss Alle Be" (Which translates to: "Let Us All Pray"). After these words a storm of Black Metal is unleashed. In the tradition of the early Norwegian Black Metal bands the demo is recorded in a minimum of time and also with primitive recording gear. In fact it was recorded out in the North Sea where both Grimnisse and Vardalv worked at the time of recording. The recording took only 8 hours, which gives DARKTHRONE a run for their money. After you've read this you probably understand that the sound quality on "Unholy Holocaustwinds" isn't exactly what we call hi-fi, but who gives a fuck as long as it fits the music.


Even though it's recorded quickly, every instrument and the vocals, are balanced very good, ensuring that nothing gets muted. When you are making songs that passes the 10 minute mark ("Funeral Moonlight"), without becoming tedious and boring, then you know how to write good music. My honours go to Grimnisse who is responsible for the music found on "Unholy Holocaustwinds". He also has great vocals that are almost a blueprint in the kind of dedication that's essential if you want to be a good Extreme Metal vocalist. In the beginning of "Funeral Moonlight" he sounds like Attila (MAYHEM, ABORYM), it definitively sounds as perverse as the throat sounds this crazy Hungarian makes. I assume that this will be taken as compliment by Mr. Grimnisse.


What takes the thrill out of many of the Old School Black Metal band I've heard so far, is sloppy drumming. Fortunately "Unholy Holocaustwinds" are chemical free from sloppy drumming. For those who can stand the drummers who really shouldn't be it, enjoy your BURZUM and JUDAS ISCHARIOT, I'll stick to THRONE OF KATARSIS instead. The quality of the musicians ensures us a varied attack of Black Metal. "Unholy Holocaustwinds" contains themes as diverse as blasting drums and calm acoustic guitar playing. First and foremost, however, THRONE OF KATARSIS plays Black Metal and nothing but Black Metal.


THRONE OF KATARSIS are currently in the making of their first full length album. If the songs on that one holds the same quality as the songs on this demo it will turn out to be a great record. Check out the mp3 samples that are found in this review to hear how this duo performs. Fans of old GORGOROTH and old IMMORTAL would be wise to give THRONE OF KATARSIS a listen, this is Black Metal the way I like it. (Online July 26, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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