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Craft - Total Soul Rape (7/10) - Sweden - 2000/2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Moribund Records
Playing time: 40:10
Band homepage: Craft


  1. World Of Plague
  2. Death To Planet Earth
  3. (Desolation) Death
  4. Kill Everything
  5. Ultimate Satan
  6. Past, Present, Dead
  7. Total Soul Rape
  8. Vile
  9. Intro
Craft - Total Soul Rape

A short drum intro, harsh scream and dissonant seething guitars cut the void of silence to usher in the first long-player manifested by Sweden’s CRAFT. Recently reissued by Moribund, the album had previously been somewhat hard to locate but is finally available to the public in all its misanthropic glory. 40 minutes of hatred intensified into distorted guitars, snarling vocals and trance inducing rhythm. At first glance CRAFT may come across as nothing more than one of the numerous DARKTHRONE inspired projects littering the scene today, but a much deeper investigation reveals musical merit on par with its own cloistered and enigmatic originality which is far from the outfit’s main influence.


The most interesting aspect of this raw release is the ability possessed by this band and the unrelenting energy which is utilized to inject seemingly average music with a malign sense of indignation and the lethality to fell nearly any living being. The conviction found present in this group is of strong degree and one can be quite assured that CRAFT actively live their doctrine and reality. They are here to spread filth with their audio art and none will stand in their way.


Melody bleeds from this disk. Perhaps it is not as great a flood as that of “Terror Propaganda” and in less copious amounts, but it is still quite strong and damn catchy. The distorted guitars shriek through the air blending in with the bouncy rhythms to produce that catchy vibe evident in their influence’s “In The Shadow Of The Horns” and found here in tracks like “Death To Planet Earth” and “Kill Everything”. The vocals add further development by blasting across the air waves sounding as if Mikael Nox is searing his throat with a hot razor during the performance; utterly terrifying and quite memorable.


The sheer overwhelming atmosphere is produced through a unique texture accomplished with a combination of intelligent use of harmonics and grating guitar distortion which clash conjuring images of torture and dismay, which is of course necessary aspects of a Black Metal recording. Due to such unique ideas and song structures CRAFT have proved quite early that they are not the second coming of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, but a whole other entity which is determined to be reckoned with. The band’s first offering, “Total Soul Rape” is an above average affair which hints at the greatness which would be exemplified in the recording of “Terror Propaganda”. Perhaps not essential but it is a rather satisfying series of compositions which exudes quality. (Online July 26, 2005)

Charles Theel

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