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Raintime - Tales From Sadness (8/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Power Metal / Black Metal
Label: Arise Records
Playing time: 41:46
Band homepage: Raintime


  1. Moot-Lie >mp3
  2. Faithland
  3. Creation
  4. The Experiment >mp3
  5. Denied Recollection
  6. Chains Of Sadness
  7. Using The Light Forever
  8. Daily Execution / Paradox Defeat
Raintime - Tales From Sadness

How would a thrashier Power Metal version of INTO ETERNITY sound? Italian RAINTIME may be the answer. Crossover in Metal is not new anymore, as many bands venture into the path of mixing two or more Metal styles into their music. Some do it with talent, others just sound awkward. RAINTIME falls in the first category, as their mix of hyper speed Power Metal with some modern Black Metal influences is fairly efficient. Some similarities between CHILDREN OF BODOM and them could also be heard, especially in the harsh vocal department.


RAINTIME sure try to demark themselves of the bunch. As the style is already quite overcrowded, originality is more than welcome. RAINTIME’s music may not always be unique and doesn’t always break new ground, but we must salute the effort put into this record. From the killing sound (the guitar tone in particular is more than enjoyable, crunchy and heavy, which was lacking from many Italian bands in the past) to strong song writing (how many bands fall into the trap of “fillers”, releasing only three or four good song overall). There is not a single song on “Tales From Sadness” that is not worthy of being on the album.


The mix of clean and harsh vocals is nothing new either, but where RAINTIME differ from other bands that do the same, is that the two types of vocals are good. Often the clean singer will just sound plainly bad. A single listen to the vocal harmony lines found in “Chain Of Sadness”, the only ballad (and with ballad it only means that the songs is less speedy than the rest of the material found on “Tales From Sadness”) on the CD, will prove to you how talented the singer of RAINTIME is.


Further listens to the album may bring similarities with bands like SKYFIRE and NORTHER to your ears, proving that even RAINTIME, with all the caution and attention that they could put into their work, didn’t venture too far into the quest of uniqueness, which would be a good choice to make in the future, if they really want to sound distinctive. (Online July 27, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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