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Zeraphine - Blind Camera (8/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Drakkar
Playing time: 47:05
Band homepage: Zeraphine


  1. I Never Want To Be Like You >mp3
  2. Die Macht In Dir
  3. Blind Camera I
  4. I Feel Your Trace
  5. Die Welt Kann Warten
  6. Kaltes Herz >mp3
  7. Hollow Skies >mp3
  8. I'm Numb
  9. Jede Wahrheit
  10. Blind Camera II
  11. Falscher Glanz
  12. River Of You
  13. When Walls Arise
  14. Blind Camera III
  15. Until I Finally Drown
Zeraphine - Blind Camera

Roundabout two years after their for me first release “Traumaworld” German Gothic Rockers ZERAPHINE are back with their overall third release “Blind Camera” and as I had really liked “Traumaworld“ I was looking forward to hearing the CD. And a few things have changed compared to the previous release.


First of all they have beefed up the German lyrics again, after the debut “Kalte Sonne“ had been completely German and “Traumaworld“ only had two songs in this language, we this time around get five compositions in their native tongue, which also fits very well with the quintet’s music. Heaviness wise they balance between surprising heaviness for Gothic Rock and very calm compositions, which in combination with singer Sven Friedrich’s (Ex-DREADFUL SHADOWS) deep and pretty characteristic voice creates a very harmonic atmosphere, which hardly has to hide behind the mostly Scandinavian scene greats.


The opener “I Never Want To Be Like You“ is surprisingly fast and driving, but always stays super catchy, which is another trade mark of ZERAPHINE, the songs go into the ear right away and you can hum along almost instantly, “Die Macht In Dir“ is a prime example for this, with strongly reduced heaviness in the verse and then stronger guitars in the chorus, a formula that is worked with more than once and with time is used a bit too much here and there, but still you should not make the mistake of putting down the compositions as uniformed, because for that the class of the song writing is simply too high.


The “Blind Camera“ trilogy is completely instrumental, loosening up the whole thing, while the electronic elements are used very sparingly and never push into the foreground, where Sven’s voice is taking the spotlight, fully deserved I would like to add, as his voice is almost predestined for this style. And the balance between German and English titles also adds to the overall appeal of the album, as the German lyrics greatly harmonize with the emotional music. As example for this I just have to name “Jede Wahrheit”, which is ennobled by an irresistible melody, which will still roam your brain long after.


Packed into a crystal clear production ZERAPHINE’s third strike hardly has to hide behind the big names of Gothic Rock, mature and emotionally powerful I can only recommend “Blind Camera“ to fans of this style, you should hardly be disappointed! (Online August 3, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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