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Aria - S Kem Ti? (8/10) - Russia - 1986

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Moroz
Playing time: 35:34
Band homepage: Aria


  1. Volya I Razum
  2. Vstany, Strakh Preodoley
  3. Zdes Kuyut Metall
  4. S Kem Ti?
  5. Byez Tyebya
  6. Namyat O...
  7. Ikar
  8. Igri Ne Dlya Nas
Aria - S Kem Ti?
One year after their more than convincing debut album "Maniya Velichiya", the Moscovite band released its second album "S Kem Ti?" ("Which side are you on?"), which was (almost) as good as their debut. Not surprisingly, not much had changed, given the short period of time between the two albums.

The first song "Volya I Razum" is a stomping mid-tempo track and the instant you listen to this the studio-version of this song, you realize that it will be a great song to be played live. Catchy with a great melody and Andrei Kipelov on the mic being once more the figurehead of the band. A little heavier and speedier is "Vstany, Strakh Preodoley", straight and with a great chorus, what else do you want as a Metalhead?

After the quite good stomping song "Zdes Kuyut Metall", which is a little too cliché, follows the impelling mid-tempo title-track. This song is traditional Heavy Metal at its best and could have been an all-time classic if it wouldn't have that almost shouted chorus. Like I said, with a melodic or maybe choir-like chorus it would have been an all-time classic.

"Byez Tyebya" is the album's ballad and it's as good as any famous American love song. Even if you don't understand anything at all (or maybe a little bit like I do), feelings cross all language barriers and this song hits you right in the middle. The straight great song "Ikar" with it's MAIDEN touch follows the strange instrumental "Namyaty O..." and the last song "Igri Ne Dlya Nas" is also great.

"S Kem Ti?" proves that ARIA's first album was not a mayfly. Besides the great songs, it's again the great sound and the voice that makes this record a great recommendation for all friends of traditional Heavy Metal.

Available at Metalglory.

Alexander Melzer

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