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Dreamaker - Enclosed (7/10) - Spain - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Arise Records
Playing time: 41:07
Band homepage: Dreamaker


  1. I Live My Own Life
  2. Reverse Universe >mp3
  3. Over The Edge
  4. Living In Fear
  5. The End Of Your Suicide
  6. Innocent Blood >mp3
  7. W.W.666
  8. Face To Face
  9. Enclosed
  10. Perfect Soul
  11. Take Me Higher
  12. Promised Heaven
Dreamaker - Enclosed

The debut “Human Device” of the DARK MOOR defectors Elisa C. Martin (voc), Albert Maroto (git) and Jorge Saez (dr) of roundabout a year ago was not more than better average to me and apparently the Spaniards have noticed that it was important to work on the own sound and anno 2005 DREAMAKER sound more variable, looking beyond the Power Metal plate and incorporating some new influences into the band’s sound.


The debut already had some Death Metal growls in store (ok, on one song) and also on “Enclosed” they have their spot, but the music now also utilizes some more modern and at times also heavier passage without losing the band’s roots, though, which adds to the overall impression, like on “I Live My Own Life“, which starts out a good bit more modern and some keyboard frills, then gearing up, aggressive but still melodic so that Elisa’s voice, too, has more grit here and there, culminating in a double-bass-driven and super melodic chorus that forms the link to their original sound.


And with the a bit oddly titled “W.W.666“ they have an absolute killer in their trail, lashing out with fat double-bass and good riffing, shifting over into a modern part that reminds me of SOILWORK, including Death vocals, before the chorus waltzes you over with an irresistible drive, great melodies and Elisa’s trademark voice. Altogether this is one of the examples, where the band musically almost steps over into Melodic Death.


So far, so very good, but unfortunately that’s it as far as the highlights are concerned, the rest of the album is nice to listen to, often is super catchy, such as “Over The Edge”, for example, but there simply is not enough that sticks, good ideas are not fully developed, leaving the listener hanging. Positively still that they try their best to stay away from the typical Power Metal and are venturing beyond it.


So again not a full recommendation, I hope that the band will rather take a bit more time for a new album and concentrate on belting out killers only instead of releasing a CD too early and leaving to be desired in the end.


And for the end a big “Fuck you“ to all “colleagues”, who see the need to sell their promo CDs or put them up on the internet, because “thanks” to you some of the songs are just stopped abruptly somewhere, so the song is basically worthless and the CD is not really fun to review. “Thanks”… That’s why there is no rating. (Online August 9, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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