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American Dog - Scars-N-Bars (7,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Outlaw Entertainment
Playing time: 48:58
Band homepage: American Dog


  1. Workin' Man >mp3
  2. Faded
  3. Conviction >mp3
  4. Lucky 13
  5. Got You By A Chain
  6. Another Lost Weekend
  7. She Ain't Real Pretty (But She's All I've Got) >mp3
  8. Burnin' Yesterday
  9. Sunday Buzz
  10. Little Girl
  11. Ten 'Til Two
American Dog - Scars-N-Bars

Three years after the bar sweeper “Red White Black And Blue“ the American beer annihilator brigade of AMERICAN DOG is back with a new album, titled “Scars-N-Bars“. Once more the cover artwork is almost programmatic, the three guys with a huge pile of empty beer cans in the foreground, political correctness is buried right from the get go and in the titles they don’t really beat around the bush, but set it on fire, down-to-earth, standing in the midst of the cold, hard facts, even though there is not a single song title about sex or alcohol, but don’t fear, the guys have not gone soft.


From the first moments of opener “Workin’ Man“ on they plough through the undergrowth of Blues Rock, Southern Rock and just simply Rock, without any frills, but thoroughly honest that you can almost smell the smoke and alcohol from the bars these guys fit into almost perfectly. And that also threads through the rest of the CD, “Conviction“ gears up quite a bit, swift and driving, still with the AMERICAN DOG typical dirty edge, which together with Michael Hannon’s gritty voice is the trademark of the trio’s style.


“Another Lost Weekend“ then shows that they lyrically still have a blast putting their foot in the mouth of the establishment, also “She Ain’t Real Pretty (But She’s All I’ve Got)“ right after confirms this. “Sunday Buzz” once more shows that they do not take themselves all that seriously either and you won’t find any frills here, no polished bombast, this raises dust and smokes that the sand scrunches between your teeth, as on the closing “Ten ‘Til Two“.


You like it dirty, straight and honest? Then you have found what you were looking for with AMERICAN DOG and even though “Scars-N-Bars“ hadn’t really bitten at the beginning, at the third listen latest it will ignite! (Online August 12, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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