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Prostitute Disfigurement - Embalmed Madness (3,5/10) - Netherlands - 2001/2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 40:04
Band homepage: Prostitute Disfigurement


  1. Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer >mp3
  2. Feasting On Remains
  3. Choking On Defecation
  4. Bloodless
  5. Rotting Away Is Better Than Being Gay
  6. Chainsaw Abortion
  7. Knifeslasher
  8. Disemboweled
  9. On Her Guts I Cum
  10. Prostitute Disfigurement
  11. Cadaver Blowjob
  12. Dissector
  13. Bloodless (Demo Track)
  14. Feast On Remains (Demo Track)
  15. On Her Guts I Cum (Demo Track)
  16. Rotting Away Is Better Than Being Gay (Demo Track)
  17. Dissector (Demo Track)
Prostitute Disfigurement - Embalmed Madness

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT is one of those bands that has a dedicated cult following which endlessly gives praise to the technical prowess and utter brutality the said project brings to the table. From the information I had gathered I had actually been looking forward to hearing this band for some time and never really got around to it until now. “Embalmed Madness” is the band’s debut album and was originally released in 2001. Now in 2005 it has received a meaty re-release with new album artwork (although it’s not much different than the original), new layout and the “Disfigure” demo tacked on as bonus tracks. Yet, even with these extras I can still not promote a band with such little audio worth.


PD play Death Metal tinged with a mixture of gore and sex. If you could not guess this from the name and artwork then you will actually probably like this release as fans with such little intelligence appears to be what these guys are aiming for. The riffs featured are possibly the only element of this band which is not below average. Some of the riffs are relatively brutal and can get the head-banging but this occurs quite rarely. The drumming is altogether bland overusing horribly triggered double bass and becoming quite repetitive as all he knows how to use is alternating bass and snare strokes. This creates an impenetrable wall of noise that masks the guitar-work and buries some of the decent riffs before they are even allowed to sink in. The vocals are deep as hell although not at all sounding like the burping effect achieved by Antti Boman. This vocal approach is indecipherable even with lyrics in hand and ends up sounding like one long sustained growl which again ends up just blending into the drum-work and background noise detracting from what needs to be focused on; the guitars.


It also becomes quite annoying from the onset due to the fact that every single track contains a sample intro. A multitude of samples is used from moaning women to psychopathic killers bragging about using a woman’s head as a hat but none prove altogether effective. The end result is cheese to the max and places PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT just barely above MORTICIAN in musical worth. This is quite sad and not a place a Metal band should aspire to.


Simply, if you are a fan of Gore Metal or Grindcore tinged Death Metal check elsewhere as this is simply boring, repetitive, immature drivel which holds no atmosphere and harnesses little musical ability. If PD wished to become serious about their trade they would nix at least three fourths of the samples, find a better triggered sound, bring the guitar to the forefront of the mix and get rid of the goddamn garbage disposal vocals which accomplish nothing but actually forcing one to considering shoving his head into a garbage disposal which would produce a much better sound and remove the splitting headache previously incurred. (Online August 12, 2005)

Charles Theel

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