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Metalium - Demons Of Insanity–Chapter Five (7/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Armageddon Music
Playing time: 66:00
Band homepage: Metalium


  1. Earth Is Pain
  2. Power Of Time >mp3
  3. Demons Of Insanity
  4. Cyber Horizon
  5. Ride On
  6. Endless Believer
  7. Sky Is Falling >mp3
  8. Destiny
  9. Mother Earth
  10. Out Of The Silence
  11. Atrocity
  12. Silence Of The Night >mp3
  13. Visions Of Paradise
  14. One By One
Metalium - Demons Of Insanity–Chapter Five

A reviewer can try his best to stay objective. I did it with “Chapter Four”, as I thought that although these guys were still living in 1985, the final product was actually good. This time around, with the fifth chapter of their concept, humanity is at stake and I really wonder if it is not because of their unoriginal music.


While the Metal world is still waiting for a new release from HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY, METALIUM took no time for rest and already released their new album. As a true tribute to old Heavy Metal of the “Walls Of Jericho” era, this can’t definitely go further… The only thing that could remind you that you have not travelled back in time, is the awesome production, heavy as hell.


The riff and the song structures they use have been utilized so much in the past I wonder if they don’t write the music using templates. If so they should release a software for the use for all the young bands that will be signed by labels who will ask them to write the next “True Metal Masterpiece”.


Sorry guys, this time around, no evolution, no originality is a no go for me. It is a total waste of studio time if you ask me. Well, if there still are Metal fans who don’t know that there was Metal made after 1990, it is maybe time for them to wake up. (Online August 13, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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