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Tenebrosus - Lost And Forgotten (5,5/10) - Poland - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 40:45
Band homepage: Tenebrosus


  1. The Hanging Void
  2. Sphere Of Darkness >mp3
  3. Thy Weakness, My Strength
  4. Lost And Forgotten
  5. Voice Of Ahriman
  6. Torment
  7. Picture Of Corrupted Spectres >mp3
Tenebrosus - Lost And Forgotten

TENEBROSUS is the partial name of a few things: a giant Salamander, a smaller Arachnid and even shellfish. The term means to “live in the shade” with regard to plant and biological life. It’s a safe bet however, that Polish Black Metal quartet TENEBROSUS garnered their name from Annus Tenebrosus, or “The Dark Year” termed by William Lilly for the year 1652 when three eclipses were visible from England. As a band it only makes sense TENEBROSUS are out to convey such musical banishment of light.


Overall, “Lost And Forgotten” is simple and adequate. It races from start to finish with blazing Black Metal licks that are time honoured and respectable. To their credit, a few of the songs contain a number of pleasing riff changes to a higher or lower key in what I call the Black Metal power chords: ripping on one string with a few quick notes down the fret to convey a very simple movement (you’ll have to excuse my lack of correct terminology as I don’t play or read music). With that in mind, TENEBROSUS, who all have the obligatory Black Metal “evil” names (Valefor, Hades, Worm Tongue and M.), don’t set a recognizable tone with “Lost And Forgotten”. Tone is essential to Black Metal, whether it be the expansive coldness of IMMORTAL or the suffocating creepiness of early DARK THRONE. Tracks like “Thy Weakness My Strength” and “Torment” contain a number of segments within them that carry a sufficient amount of force, but lack any direction with the feeling one looks for in good Black Metal. One element I quite enjoyed I have to say is during the final track “Picture Of Corrupted Spectres”, when around four minutes in the song fades to the sound of pouring rain and ominous footsteps every so often. Just when you think the album will end, TENEBROSUS then raise the song up again and play for a few more minutes, subduing it one more time for ten minutes of rain and occasional thunder. Not exactly malevolent, in fact actually quite soothing. I doubt that was TENEBROSUS’ idea of continuing to channel “The Dark Year.”


“Lost And Forgotten” isn’t an album that I dismiss out of hand. But, neither is it a record which would find its way to my CD player with any regularity. As I said, adequate but nothing distinctive or terribly impressive. (Online August 17, 2005)

Stephen Rafferty

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