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Mourning Beloveth - A Murderous Circus (9/10) - Ireland - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Grau
Playing time: 75:14
Band homepage: Mourning Beloveth


  1. The Apocalypse Machine >mp3
  2. Elemental Nausea >mp3
  3. The Crashing Wave >mp3
  4. Nothing (The March Of Death)
  5. …Yet Everything
Mourning Beloveth - A Murderous Circus

As I often say about an album: the more frequently I find myself listening to it is as good a indication of how much I like it as any other. I've been listening to MOURNING BELOVETH's new release "A Murderous Circus" almost non-stop since I first got it. I think that conveys how much I enjoy this album.


I'm no aficionado of Doom or even a semi-well versed fan really. Truthfully, it's only in the last year or so I've found the genre and embraced it. I know so far what I like in the style (MORGION, SWALLOW THE SUN) and what I’m not impressed with (MY DYING BRIDE). "A Murderous Circus” for me is one of the finest Doom releases I've had the joy of coming across. Founded and based in Dublin on the Emerald Isle, MOURNING BELOVETH are coming off of the fine "A Sullen Sulcus", a highly regarded album itself. For me though, "A Murderous Circus" surpasses it and goes into a superlative field well beyond. I was walking back from the park in the sweltering Southern California sun over the weekend, listening to the album and trying to think of what describes it best. The word that struck me was “infectious”. This is not a joke, but within a minute I realized I was listening to the last line of the third track, "An Elemental Wave" as goes, "It is infectious...this Murderous Circus." No shit huh? Perhaps I had subconsciously registered that line when hearing the album before, but it was weird.


All irony aside, it is true of the album: “A Murderous Circus” is a mind swaying fest of sludgy riffs with plenty of catchy, speedier portions of sweet, sweet Doom. All the way through the album, the band (Darren, Brian, Frank, Adrian and Timmy) manage to never lose their Doom spirit even when casting a net slightly beyond with mid-tempo arrangements. All five songs contain this well paced aesthetic, but the Jewel of the record is most certainly the opening track, “The Apocalypse Machine.” So expansive and layered, the song takes you on a journey through those variants of MOURNING BELOVETH’s brilliantly diverse catalogue of sounds. The accumulation of different segments of the song doesn’t intrude on a congealed sense of the song’s structure. It is wide, but still one glorious piece of enigmatic Doom. With no song under twelve minutes, you know the ride is long. But, it never feels like it and that is always the sign of a great album. A fine work from Ireland’s favourite Metal Sons and a worthy export in the vein of Joyce, Guinness and Robert Emmett. (Online August 18, 2005)

Stephen Rafferty

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