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Reverend Bizarre - Slice Of Doom (8/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: PsycheDOOMelic Records
Playing time: 74:25
Band homepage: Reverend Bizarre


  1. Pyramids Of Mars (First Edition) >mp3
  2. Intro (Second Edition)
  3. In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend >mp3
  4. Strange Horizon >mp3
  5. Fucking Wizard
  6. Outro (Second Edition)
  7. First Edition Hidden Track
  8. Second Edition Hidden Track
  9. Excerpt From “Lohja-Era” Rehearsal Tape
  10. Funeral Summer
  11. Doomsower
  12. Dark World
  13. Doom Over The World
Reverend Bizarre - Slice Of Doom

“Slice Of Doom” is a re-release of REVEREND BIZARRE’s first demo of the same name, released in 1999, updated with extra tracks and expanded liner notes. This compilation serves as a document of the band from their beginnings up until the release of “In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend,” collecting everything that appeared on either edition of the original “Slice” as well as several bonus tracks. The production is rough and a lot of these songs appear elsewhere, but make no mistake: “Slice Of Doom” is yet another testament to the awesome DOOM power of the REVEREND.


The first “real” song on here is “In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend,” which appears on the album of the same name and is followed by “Strange Horizon” which later appeared on the “Harbinger Of Metal” EP. These early recordings of the songs sound great, but quite strange as the tempo is much faster…well, less drudgingly slow than on their official releases. “Funeral Summer” is a great unreleased demo track and the Saint Vitus cover “Dark World” sounds downright maniacal. Really, every song on here is a gem of DOOMhood except for the second edition hidden track, which is mostly just live crowd noise and the excerpt from the “Lohja-Era” rehearsal tape, which other than documenting a rare recording of the band with original drummer Juippi, doesn’t really do much else. Also, in case it makes any difference, the first edition hidden track is another version of “Doomsower,” which appears both later on this compilation and on the “In The Rectory…” album. “Fucking Wizard” and “Doom Over The World” both appear on the band’s second album, “II: Crush The Insects!” as well.


Fans of the REVEREND should definitely track down a copy of “Slice Of Doom,” as should fans of other old school Doom acts. The band fully embraces this old school aesthetic, even including a note on the back that “if you loathe roughly produced old school Doom Metal, this one is definitely not for you!” Inside, there are tons of notes, with Albert Witchfinder commenting on every edition of the demo, all of the artwork and songs and more. While great, these liner notes lead to my only real complaint with this compilation: at times, the page ends with Albert in mid-sentence and never picks up. It would be nice to see the rest of what he had to say! Aside from that, “Slice Of Doom” only furthers my faith in the DOOMed power of the REVEREND! (Online August 18, 2005)

Wesley D. Cray

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