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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DROWNED IN BLOOD - The Warfare Continues

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Drowned In Blood - The Warfare Continues (4,5/10) - Mexico - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: American Line Productions
Playing time: 35:11
Band homepage: Drowned In Blood


  1. Warfare Graves >mp3
  2. Brutal Execution
  3. Grind Down…Enemies
  4. Born To Kill >mp3
  5. Warlike Cannibalism
  6. Fire Discipline
  7. Troops Of Chaos
Drowned In Blood - The Warfare Continues

Heavy as hell down-tuned guitars, deep vocals ready to clamp down on the jugular and pounding drums which grasp the ear drum in a vice are all tried and true methods of creating a bludgeoning Death Metal release. DROWNED IN BLOOD have utilized each and every one of these elements yet only succeed at mimicking a sound which has become altogether boring and everything but brutal. You see that struggling soon to be carcass on the cover of the album? He is reaching out for help, the last act of a desperate man. That man is DROWNED IN BLOOD and unfortunately no one is there to heed the call.


Before chastising the album for its shortcomings I will give a thorough explanation of what I appreciate here. The vocalist is rather sick and demented and utilizes many different styles from a higher pitched rasped to a deep guttural bellowing and it works quite well. There is also a great deal of layering utilized to create maximum effect. Unfortunately this is the only element of the band which will keep your attention the entire 35 minutes.


The musicianship found on “The Warfare Continues” is by no means horrible. The guitar work features some decent riffs but suffers from far too many bland passages and boring material. Furthermore, even the better material sounds like watered down CANNIBAL CORPSE riffs Owens wrote years ago; in no way a good thing. The drums following in the same vein making us well aware that this guy can play circles around most drummers as long as you allow him to have a second bass drum and only play blast beats. Who decided originality was to have its throat slashed and shoved into the back alley? I have my money placed on Mr. Chris Barnes.


Watered down riffs, which prance through the speakers and taste like bleach, will not sustain song structures of the quality of a man banging his head against the wall for five minutes. These guys need to take their collective head out of their ass and keep writing material till they come up with something somewhat more compelling and much more enticing. As it stands “The Warfare Continues” serves as mediocre background music in which the listener would do much better throwing on some BOLT THROWER or CANNIBAL CORPSE, if that’s your thing.


If you have completely drained the Death Metal market of all quality releases and still craving something delicious DROWNED IN BLOOD could very well serve as a snack. “The Warfare Continues” is certainly not completely worthless but in a market containing such quality if one is willing to put a little effort into finding it, this release serves little purpose.


P.S. Death Metal bands should be forced to listen to this album before heading in to the recording studio to witness the cheese factor contained in the use of idiotic and predictable sampling and stay the hell away from it. (Online August 24, 2005)

Charles Theel

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