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Weissglut - Es Kommt Etwas In Diese Welt (9/10) - Germany - 1998

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Sony Music
Playing time: 70:08
Band homepage: -


  1. Etwas kommt in deine Welt
  2. Tief unter deiner Asche
  3. Unschuldsengel
  4. Alles was dein Herz begehrt
  5. Schatten
  6. Deine Lippen schweigen
  7. In tiefem Rot
  8. Pandaemonium
  9. Thronfeuer
  10. Nicht von dieser Welt
  11. Weissglut
  12. Weiß glüht die Sonne
Weissglut - Es Kommt Etwas In Diese Welt
Something comes into my world (so the album-title - Alex).

And with full force. As I bought WEISSGLUT's debut at my favourite record-dealer (or rather the only one in this sleepy little town with an at least half-way acceptable Metal-department) I was not prepared for what would come into my world (as I had always thought WEISSGLUT were in the RAMMSTEIN-corner, due to their name).

Not only that vocalist Josef Maria Klumb has a very charismatic and variable voice, no, his excellent (German) lyrics avoid all of the traps and cliches of the "Neue Deutsche Härte" (a cliche in itself) and have real lyric depth. To read them is really worth it (sorry to all, who are not Germano-phile... - Alex).

To categorise it a bit for you out there, I'd take OOMPH!, TYPE O NEGATIVE and FEAR FACTORY (absolutely subjective!). This band really has a hand for harmonic song-writing and catchy melodies, all with the necessary portion of heaviness and underlaid with slight samples, so you won't get bored. (I think you see that I like this album :-).

And for all of you, who need some tips to listen to before buying: the title-track and "Unschuldsengel".

Conclusion: Buy it!

Manuel Inhester

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