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Cornix Maledictum - ...Verdammt In Alle Ewigkeit (7/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Medieval Metal
Label: Ars Metalli
Playing time: 42:29
Band homepage: Cornix Maledictum


  1. Ingang
  2. Sex Achtel
  3. Totentanz
  4. Zweiter Merseburger Zauberspruch
  5. Tourdion
  6. Rabenballade
  7. Heyduckentanz
  8. Confusio Maledicta
  9. Devildance
  10. Ai Vis Lolop
  11. Utgang
Cornix Maledictum - ...Verdammt In Alle Ewigkeit
In the course of the success of bands like IN EXTREMO and CORVUS CORAX now CORNIX MALEDICTUM try to bring the Middle Age home musically. Partly they use equally well-known and often-played songs like "Tourdion" and "Ai Vis Lolop", which might be a little tiring for some, we just have heard them too often, but still you have to attest the folks from Frankfurt/Oder that they have arranged them differently than the others.

The performance, however, does not stand back to the mentioned bands, CORNIX MALEDICTUM, too, do without any modern instruments to create an authentic atmosphere, with bagpipes, whistles and other stuff. That the tracks sound a little similar cannot be held against the band, but rather the responsible people from the time long past, but this also gives a quite own atmosphere to the album.

The vocals are used only sparsely, which in my opinion is no mistake, because I am no fan of it, although it fits the overall sound. Absolute highlight of "…verdammt in alle Ewigkeit" ("Damned For All Time") is "Rabenballade" ("Raven Ballad") and also the fast "Heyduckentanz" is more than convincing.

Altogether the album leaves a more earthy impression than, e.g, CORVUS CORAX, it doesn't really sound like studio, but rather like forest, meadows, market place, somehow rougher… A really interesting album, which doesn't (yet) reach the two aforementioned bands, but still is a good start for CORNIX MALEDICTUM.

Alexander Melzer

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