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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - RAGING SPEEDHORN - How The Great Have Fallen

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Raging Speedhorn - How The Great Have Fallen (8/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 54:57
Band homepage: Raging Speedhorn


  1. A Different Shade Of Shit
  2. Oh How The Great Have Fallen
  3. Dead Man Walking
  4. Master Of Disaster
  5. Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory
  6. How Much Can A Man Take
  7. Fuck You Pay Me
  8. Slay The Coward
  9. The Infidel Is Dead
  10. Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Raging Speedhorn - How The Great Have Fallen

The last time I reviewed a RAGING SPEEDHORN album, "We Will Be Dead Tomorrow, I labelled their music as Stoner Metal, this time I'll call it Extreme Metal. For the last ten minutes I've tried to come up with a good description of RAGING SPEEDHORN's music and the best one I came up with is the one I've already mentioned. Some would argue that they are as much Hardcore as Metal in their sound, but then I could argue that there is a good portion of Metal in Hardcore as well. The most extreme aspect of RAGING SPEEDHORN in my opinion are their vocalists, both of them performing extreme vocals of excellent quality.


Not much has changed when it comes to RAGING SPEEDHORN and for once that's meant entirely positive. RAGING SPEEDHORN have found their style and keep on writing quality songs their own way. "A Different Shade Of Shit" has a good drive and makes you feel like you could run through a brick wall, lots of power in other words. To get a demonstration of how good the vocalists in RAGING SPEEDHORN are, just listen to their double vocal attack in "Oh How The Great Have Fallen", anyone better? After "Oh How The Great Have Fallen" comes one of my favourite songs on the album, "Dead Man Walking". There's a lot of hate being vented out in this one, just listen to how the word kill is being screamed, it sends shivers down my spine for sure. "Dead Man Walking" gives me the same feeling like "A Different Shade Of Shit" does, I guess I would do wise in not listening to RAGING SPEEDHORN if there are any brick walls nearby. "Master Of Disaster" follows up with the most catchy chorus of the album, far from being complex but not far from being great. The more I listen to this band, the more I want to see them in a live setting, I'm absolutely sure that this slays live.


My definitive favourite on the album is "How Much Can A Man Take", a great song indeed. It starts calm with some drum playing but that ends abruptly when the guitars and vocals enter the arena. Try to sing along to this one if you are trying to become an Extreme Metal vocalist, if you master it you've come far in your learning. Since I haven't mentioned it yet I would like to say some words about the production. My words will be that it fits the music of RAGING SPEEDHORN rather splendid. It holds some serious powers, not overpolished in any way, giving it a rough edge, kind of a dirty sound, more bands should add some dirt into their sound. Another strongpoint is the balance of the mix, everything melts together, creating a wall of sound.


My all time favourite RAGING SPEEDHORN song is still "Fuck The Voodoo Man", found on "We Will Be Dead Tomorrow”, but as an album "How The Great Have Fallen" is in my opinion a little tad better than "We Will Be Dead Tomorrow". That means that you should give both of these two records, I haven't heard their debut (reviewed here at “The Metal Observer”), a listen if you have the chance. Rage On! (Online August 25, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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