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Process Of Guilt - Demising Grace (8,5/10) - Portugal - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 33:54
Band homepage: Process Of Guilt


  1. Drops
  2. Wasteland
  3. This Process
  4. Instant
  5. Fragments
  6. Monument
Process Of Guilt - Demising Grace

When last I was sent some PROCESS OF GUILT the band were playing a blend of Metal similar to the early KATATONIA albums. There was elements of "Dance Of December Souls" and "Brave Murder Day" and it was full of slashing rhythms, brutal vocals and simple melancholic melodies. With "Demising Grace" these Portuguese Doomsters have firmly distanced themselves from the KATATONIA tribute of their past and have firmly placed themselves within the confines of the melodic and atmospheric Death/Doom genre.


Their support slot on a small part of the Doomination of Europe tour seems to have given them inspiration because they have seemingly taken a few pages from the books of MORGION and MOURNING BELOVETH. The former seem to be a strong influence in the more weighty and slower sections which are full of brutal vocals. The sheer mass of the guitars and vocals in these sections are so terrifyingly oppressive that you can really feel the despair and the strong tinge of rebellion.


In addition to the weighty sections PROCESS OF GUILT have refined their melodies and have created sections not too dissimilar to MOURNING BELOVETH, though not quite as lacking in hope, or MY DYING BRIDE, though not as gothic. In fact there is something about the general tone of the melodies, especially when coupled with the spoken word vocals, that really reminds me of SATURNUS' "Paradise Belongs To You." With this demo PROCESS OF GUILT have taken all these various elements and created their own sound which seems to be a varied Doomish style. There are moments of sheer oppression, coupled with ones of sheer frailty with beautiful pure melody.


All of the rough edges from the previous demo have been smoothed over. The vocals are no longer too harsh or brutal because the music has added that extra weight needed which allows them to fit better and become a much more integral part of the overall sound. This is simply a great Doom Metal demo and I hope that the band can achieve some degree of success with it. If it means anything to them, they have a fan in me. (Online August 26, 2005)

Niall Kennedy

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